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Op. Flashpoint 2 - Codies


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Aren't there two armoured vehicles and one M1A2?

I just got in the M1A2 right at the start of the mission, you can even get your squad in it to. You have the choice of letting them drive it for you at a snails pace, while you control the gun. Or drive for them and hope that they decide to shoot whatever your intended target is, as commanding them to do so is very difficult,

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On the 360. The bit where you have to take out the AA in the village, there are a couple of tanks come up behind you on your right and stop on the road. Running over and grabbing one was the only way I could finish the mission on time.

Oh, we never knew that. We always grabbed some queen bees and fought our way forward on foot before eliminating the AA guns with the rockets. And did a lot of retries.

If only we knew about the tanks though...:rolleyes:

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