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Terminator 4: Salvation


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Actually it's not rated yet. After TDK got through on a PG-13 they're hopeful that they'll get through too, but it's anybody's guess at this stage. Maybe they'll do cuts if it is only passed as R, but the producers have emphasised that they won't push the issue.

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Are they on set pics?

I ask because the lighting is pretty poor.

As for the Christian Bale thing - so what. For those all 'oh, that rant means I hate him and will never watch another film he's in again' should sit down and have wank*

*re-evaluate what their priorities in life are. And if it still is anger and not going to see another of his films then you could always try suicide. I hear it's painless.

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I like that church shot.

Like Alex.W said, the film isn't rated yet but McG is on record as saying if it's R, it's R, if it's PG-13, it's PG-13. I'd say that's probably not quite right - it'd be written in his contract what certificate the film has to achieve. He won't be able to make the film however he likes, not considering how much this cost, without a few things written in stone. Even if he gets final edit, he'd still have to deliver the certificate he was contracted to.

The guy who did Max Payne had a big rant about it - he's scored an R for the film but was forced to cut it to obtain the contractual PG-13. They need this to be seen by as wide an audience as possible - no point restricting the film to kids under 18 who'd otherwise need an adult to see the film with.

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So, anyone seen a script for this?

Why are they using standard small arms?

Because it's all they have.

All the phased plasma stuff they had (err, will have) later in the war is captured, or at least reverse-engineered, from skynet gear.

If you mean why are they not using rocket launchers n shit.....well, I'm sure they do, but you can't give one to every man.

If you mean why no tanks....well, most of them probably got fucked up as priority targets, they'd make pretty big targets that are hard to conceal too. Bad for geurilla warfare. And eventually even the helo's in the trailer will have to be scrapped due to dominant skynet airpower and lack of fuel/maintenance parts.

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