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Atari Jaguar


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On ‎03‎/‎08‎/‎2018 at 07:14, Nathan Wind said:

New production run of replica Pro Controllers is almost ready to go.  Too late to for the pre-order list but still worth emailing if you want one.




goddamnit! I was sure I emailed him back in the day, around page 7 of the original thread? but there's no sign in my sent items...


I'm an idiot.

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I don't really get the point of these ST conversions beyond it being some sort of money grab appealing to the rabid jaguar collectors. 


I'd love somebody to take the time and make / convert something that would really push the system, like a decent 2D fighter, something the Jag sorely lacks. It's got the guts to throw / scale sprites around when pushed, look at super burnout, it's beautiful!

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I had a Jag and nearly all the cartridge games at the time except for mutant penguins, why does it continue to soar in price? Quite frankly it was pretty shit barring the odd little gem. The potential it had was in its earlier incarnation as the Panther destroying the SNES / MD / 3DO but instead Atari delayed anf overcooked it to have the Jag arrive just in time to be exterminated by the PSX and N64

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