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Model 2 Emulator version 0.5 released

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Guest GaMeNuT
I think the Mame rom and the one for this have differences. If you google you'll find them.

Please don't request rom's or links to roms again.


I have googled them and came up with nothing :lol:

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Managed to get Daytona running on my 50" telly last night, and had a few of the lads round. It all looks fantastic but I cant seem to configure the 360 pad to work very well with it. Does anyone know the setting so I can have anologue steering and use the triggers for brake and accelerate?

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Recently downloaded this emulator again, after forgetting about it when I lost the files in a backup disaster. I can't for the life of me find working roms though (have checked through this thread and the sources mentioned don't seem to have it either). As folk have mentioned, I have the MAME equivalents but they don't seem to want to work with this one.

Could someone possibly PM me please? Much appreciated!

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Shamelessly nicked from neogaf:


New release...

Includes FORCE FEEDBACK support.

Yep - they've worked out how to recode the FF signals that powered the Daytona/Sega Rally cabinets to accurately replicate the effect on FF PC wheels!

Seeing as it runs pretty well on high end PC's now - we're approaching arcade perfect Daytona at home :(

Also this:

Takenobu Mitsuyoshi (光吉猛修) and Rony Barrak perform "Let's go away" from the SEGA arcade game "Daytona USA". :(

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Just rediscovered M2 (& Supermodel).


I was googling issues with my car (& opponents) in Daytona USA looking a little washed out, and not the bright Red & Blue I'd expect - and brought up this thread!


Any of you clever peeps got any tips or ideas to fix? TIA Andy

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