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Obscure & Cult Japanese Games & Their Boxart


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Only a year old, and already fetching up to £85 on Ebay! :)

This is one of my few Japanese imports. I also have Mushihime sama and DDP: Daioujou (sp?)

I didn't realise Ibara was worth as much because I picked up Mushihime sama pretty cheap. Although I just checked Play Asia and I see they are both out of print now.

Also you don't need to know Japanaese to play them which is nice.

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This is an epic and incredible game and puts almost every turnbased SRPG to shame (and then some)...

i have that (and another centurys episode) sat on my shelf still sealed.

got srwa3 after i finished namco x capcom, but never got round to it. i must do it soon cos it looks so excellent.

Namco_capcom.jpg this is brilliant too ;)

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No No Puzzle Chalien - kid's puzzle game on the GBA. It's my favourite 'on the bog' game of recent years.


If you've not played this you're missing out on some good no-nonsense fun. Did this ever get the PAL release in the end?

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My first ever Japanese import was


For £55.

My second was...


And I also have some other greats. A Kinnikuman title (MUSCLE Men). Battle Houshin. Ikaruga Gamecube. Donkey Konga. Zoids VS III. Mr Driller Drill Land and Space Raiders. My Japanese Donkey Kong Jungle Beat and Capcom v SNK 2 EO are both sealed still! I have japanese Viewtiful Joe, PN03, Beach Spikers and Bloody Roar Extreme also.

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I'd love a cave artbook!. Have you checked out Capcom Design Works Artbook? It's probally the best artbook ever!

Here's some cave posters....




I really need to get the Dodonpachi dai ou jou poster! ;)

See, llllllllllllllllllllllllush. I have the Capcom Design Works book (the first one) and it's awesome, but the Cave stuff is equally as awesome. Need a book of it. Need need need.

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Taiko No Tatsujin!

It's like Donkey Konga (which is just a reskin of the same engine), except i)It's a one piece japanese drum rather then bongos, ii)It's not shit


As seen in Lost in Translation!

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Americans need what the game's about spelling out for them, it would seem. We get a slightly rejigged japanese cover, thank god. Just look at amazon.com to see what those poor bastards get. It's a thing of horror.


At this risk of turning this into a boxart thread...


AWFUL! Is it the fault of American consumers or publishers? Don't they have any taste?

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I'm posting in a boxart thread!


Azumanga Puzzle Daioh (ARC, next to no text) - Puzzle Bobble with Azumanga characters and the ability to shoot bubbles onto the other player's side


Blood Over (PC, next to no text) - Terrible game, great boxart


Lost Golem (DC, next to no text) - Unfinished puzzle game, great boxart


Megamari (PC, next to no text) -


Pochinya~, or Pochi to Nya~, or Pochi and Nyaa, or any other weird romanisation of ポチッとにゃ〜 (PS2, Neo Geo, next to no text) - The greatest competitive puzzle game ever, by the Puyo Puyo creator. Match blocks in groups of the same colour and so on, but they won't disappear until you hit your "detonate" button so you can set up ridiculous screen-filling combos.

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Ragnarok Battle Offline (PC, very little text but the special move names in Japanese, and translation guides exist on ragnarokbattle.com forums) - Guardian Heroes with a balanced fighting system


Tetsujin 28-go (PS2, the story etc is in Japanese but it's still fairly import friendly) - Fun mecha game with a review at ntsc-uk


Tomato Adventure (GBA, Japanese RPG with loads of text but translation guides exist) - RPG by Alphadream (Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga team)


Spica Adventure (ARC, I assume there's next to no text) - This game stars a stoned Mrs Driller with an umbrella why the hell haven't they given it a home release

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How hard is it to get hold of import games that aren't bang up-to-date? I've always been wary of importing after getting stung by customs a couple of times. Wish I'd done it more though. Okay so not all Japanese games are amazing, but they're at least interesting and a break from the usual grind of FPSs, driving games and sports.

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