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I've never watched The Wire

Rex Grossman

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Maaaaan, eps 5,6 & 7 are absolutely briliant. Everything's coming to a head, now. Can't believe there's only three episodes left. :)

Was that Nick Sobatka from season 2 heckling the Mayor at the start of ep 5? Certainly looked like him. Nice to have Cutty & Randy back, too, if only for one last appearance. I presume we won't see either again. All I want now is one last appearance of Prez & Bunny Colvin and I'll be happy.

How in the name of god did Omar survive that jump after the shootout, though? It must've been 6 storeys up and he's gone, Michael Myers stlye, when they look out seconds later. It's a bit hard to believe.

McNulty's serial kiler stuff is realy getting out of control, now, too. I'd say he'll get strung up for it. The guy from the paper, too.

Loved the 'John Munch' cameo' in ep 7. How many cop shows has he been in, now?

Clay Davis has been brilliant in these few episodes. There's an absolutely legendary 'sheeeeeeet' in episode 5 I think. It was fucking hillarious. One of his best ever.

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Ep 5,6,7

Its getting epic the mess McNulty has caused with the serial killer case. He can't get away with this can he ? I've a feeling the journalist who was in Homicide is going to be the one to figure out what he is upto.

It was defanatly Nick Sobotka at the pierhead. Cutty and The Greek showing up is awesome too. Randy turning into a bit of a nutter in the home was sad but Herc redeeming himself after last season by stealing Marlons cell number from Levy put a smile on my face.

As did the sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet from Clay Davis and Lester's call to Marlon.

I guess Omar could have hit those bushes when he landed from the fall. He certainly is fucked up from it though. I think Omar will die before the end of the show but he is gonna take some people with him.

No idea how this is gonna wrap up, there is so many ways all the storylines can play out now.

Edit- I'd love to see Prez come back and help Lester bust the clock code and Brother Mouzone come back and help Omar wipe out Snoop and Chris. Wonder if we will see Ziggy one last time too.

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Right, definitely starting this tonight. First episode seemed to throw a million characters at me last time I tried, though.

You'll experience the same thing at the start of season 2 but it is amazing how quickly you get to know the characters.

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Must. Not. Watch. Must. Not. Watch. Damn, I'm trying to wait until all eps of S5 are available but I'm struglling

I tried to do this but caved and watched first three eps back to back of course.

Bunk gesturing towards his penis when asked by Jimmy what he's qualified to do if he quit.

The shakedown of the kid at the start of ep one.

Michael is the most interesting character, will he continue his current path?

And tons of other great stuff and some killer lines from Bunk that I can't check because I've deleted the eps.

Ok so after watching S2 i can appreciate what you guys all said. Still awesome though.

You've ruined the best TV show ever for yourself, you don't deserve this show. :lol:

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Watched the final episode of S2 last night. Excellent as always but I actually thought the penultimate episode was better. Anyway, whereas the end of S1 was very closed, this set things up nicely for S3. I can't believe I ended up feeling sorry for Sobotka - I hated him at the start of the season. I also thought Nicky was excellent - his story was kind of the reverse of D in S1. Roll on S3.

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The only thing that's stopping me watching up to ep 7 is the fact that I would have to wait so long for ep8 being released. If it's leaked then the lot will be downloaded and watched in a long epic session.

There's a 9 and 10 too. Probably won't get leaked early. I think someone said these leaks are from promotional or review copies of the show and they didn't send out the last episodes to prevent leaks.

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I think Season 2 is underrated really. Not including 5 my order best first would be 4-2-1-3, although there hasn't really been one I've felt was less than incredible. I didn't really notice the concessions you mention, but it did seem like a lead up to 4. I remember reading/hearing that they were under quite a bit of pressure to make it more accessible for season 3 (might have been Charlie Brooker).

I really disagree about Mouzone. I loved all his scenes. He is an outsider brought in to do a job, he had no interest in the greater effect on the community. I thought this was correctly reflected in his actions.

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He is ridiculously cartoonish. but he's about the only one that is in the whole thing so they just about get away with it.

Anyway, Omar killed him too.

Season three probably is the weakest, truth be told I can barely remember what happened in it while the other ones are still really fresh in my mind, I loved it like the others while I was actually watching it though.

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