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Wireless @ Hyde Park

Disgraced Toblerone

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Cheers for this, me and a few friends may be going to this now.

Thursday: White Stripes / QOTSA

Friday: Rest

Saturday: Muse

Sunday: Kaiser Chiefs and Editors

Oh yes.

Edit: Kaiser Chiefs tickets have sold out. Oh well, don't like them anyway.

That is my weekend too. Assuming tickets turn up for any of them. Which they haven't yet, due to eBay purchasing.

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Im off, its gonna tip it down as soon as I set outside the door. :unsure:


I got fucking soaked, thankfully it dried up once I got off the tube.

Copied from Wakinglimb.

Satellite party - The lead singer and guitarist i think from Jane's Addications new group, very theatrical uptempo ranchy group. They openined with 'stop' which is a Jane's addiction track i think, so it grabbed my attention.

Some great tracks, will have to check them out. The lead singer is a great performer and a very capitivating lead singer take not Matt Bellamy, its nice to talk to the audience imbeteewn songs. They had a 'support singer' who looked and danced like a pornstar which helped.

The guitarists Neuno Bettencourt was absolutely brillian.

Queens of the stone age - Probably, the best band on the night looking at the audience I think they might have actually been the biggest draw. Lots of long haired stoners, and they were brilliant the songs of their new album apart from 'turning the screw' (Which is about fucking according to Josh Homme) washed over most of the audience, its a very dull album by the sounds of it, it doesnt pick up much live.

But there was plenty of stuff that I wish I knew better, their performance was much better than the Stripes, but I couldnt really sing along as I don't know them that well. A song for the dead was one that even I reckongised, and it was fucking brilliant a definate highlight.

On to the Stripes, Jack had a few problems with his guitar early on, his 'unique' style of singing doesn't really translate well to a festival audience that whats to sing along. And his soloing was a bit off. As they whent off stage everyone was left thinking 'is that it' after they played some stuff off their new album and mostly earlier stuff (not enough Elephant) They left on Ball and Biscuit, but thankfully came back for a encore with some 'hits'

Seven nation army, Blue Orchid and I just don't know what to do with myself stick out. Some spazz in the directors suite thought it would be cool to give the video screens a red and white filter which made looking at them a waste of time which perhaps hurt the performance as it was hard to see the two themselves as it was getting quite crowded as I got nearer the front.

But yea, good start to the weekend. Expect to see QOTSA and Satellite party to start roaring up my Last Fm charts.

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Aftre getting ever so slightly lost (and considering I went last year, not good on my part). Got there at about 3 and dipped into a few things but not much caught my attention:

The kissaway trail: Only lurked for a couple of songs, they were just a guitar band. Didn't stand out to me at all.

Pete and The Pirates: Same again, but their final song (and latest single, which I'd heard once or twice) was quite good. They might have a bit of potential.

I then wandered around for a bit. There really isn't much atmosphere at the festival, at all. I played Guitar Hero 2 a bit. That was quite fun.

Sion: Not my kind of thing at all, miniature little almost-goth rockers. They were OK though. They did manage to prove that annoyingly, the tiny bandstand stage probably has the best sound quality.

Dredg: Caught the last few notes of their set. Didn't feel like I missed much.

Stephanie Dosen: Again on the bandstand. Acoustic guitar, double bass and violin. Very different to anything the rest of the day, relaxing and pleasant. She also took time to tell us why she couldn't watch springwatch. And that she was worried about scaring birds out of the surrounding trees.

I also got to sit down and watch her. And eat a sandwich while doing so, bonus points are awarded for this.

Alberta Cross: Caught the end. Another guitar band, but with a good use of an organ.

The Bees: I started paying attention now. I like The Bees, a lot. That they only got 30 minutes was really quite terrible, but they made the most of it. Certainly the most fun band of the night and it reminded me I really need to buy their latest.

The Thrills: Bit of a guilty pleasure, but like The Bees only had 30 minutes. In this case though, probably a good thing as it meant that they only played their singles rather than the rubbish that pads out the rest of their album. Easily the most appreciative band of the day, possibly because they were the first band to actually clash with someone of note. But they were enjoyable.

Back outside and into rain, apparently, to see...

Queens of the Stone Age: I can't claim to be their biggest fan, but after listening to Era Vulgaris a few times through the end result was that I knew all the songs played, if not by name, except a couple. It was a good set, a little bit silly but good fun. Anyone else think that the two girls who flashed were planted? And "Feel Good Hit of the Summer" being padded out in the middle for five minutes with "Everybody knows/you dance like you fuck/dance like you fuck" over and over was possibly the highlight of the silliness and a wasted five minutes. But the whole thing left me with a grin on my face.

The White Stripes: I could actually watch the White Stripes every night I think. It wasn't the best set they've ever played, but it was still incredibly captivating. Not quite enough to make me not notice the three girls sat on shoulders over to the right of me that came under sustained artillery abuse from literally everybody behind them. They stayed up for a few (plastic) bottles but eventually went down. Funny. The red and white screen was cool for about...3 minutes and then became quite a shame, especially as the screens were actually really good quality.

The set didn't have a piano so no Doorbell. No Hardest Button to Button either. Or Conquest from their latest, which was a shame. The rest of the songs expected were there and all played well. Seemed to take a while to get momentum going, but their "encore" was much better.

And like I said, I could watch 'em every night. I loved it.

Shame I missed both Air and Satellite Party but they were always going to come second to the ones I did go to see. Generally: Very good. And tickets have just arrived for Sunday. Nothing too impressive there, but enough "sort of" bands to make it worth visiting I think.

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Not quite enough to make me not notice the three girls sat on shoulders over to the right of me that came under sustained artillery abuse from literally everybody behind them. They stayed up for a few (plastic) bottles but eventually went down. Funny. The red and white screen was cool for about...3 minutes and then became quite a shame, especially as the screens were actually really good quality.

I avoided all the beer being thrown and bottles until the Stripes, being just infront of this girl in her partners shoulders I was subject to all the misjudged throws aimed at them (I presume). This couple infront of me eventually decided to go home early as a result as the woman got hit on the head twice. Which was good for me as they were both standing there like fucking statues.

The screens really was a shame, you really need them when you audience is as crowded as it was for the Stripes and you can't always get a clear view.

The setlist is apparently made up on the spot by Jack and Meg, which is pretty cool and explains the medley quality a lot of the songs had, and also makes me a little less bitter that they didnt play more off Elephant or Fell in love with a girl.

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Sunday tickets were £20 the other day. Should have grabbed 'em.

Mind you, I think touts will be selling for less than face value...

I dunno, I thought about getting a couple today but they were being offered for face value even half way through the night, lowest they went was £30.

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They were £20 Thursday night, I hear, but, yeah, £30 last night.

Beware of buying tickets off touts AFTER the event has started. Apparently they're reselling tickets which have already been used (scanned at the game) - you won't get in with it.

Dodgy looking wristbands for sale too. Might be legit but...

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I caught the highlights of this on C4 lastnight. Daft Punk certainly had the crowd in the palm of their hands, but LCD Soundsystem? I'm now at a loss as to why everyone is desperate to see James Murphy bore a crowd to death. He might as well just turn up on stage, stick Sound Of Silver on a record player and bugger off. Or would that take too much effort on his part?

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Assuming you're being serious, nothing had happened when I left, but I only stuck around for one of their "songs". And that was only because I was eating noodles.

The important fact to take away from the Wireless Festival today: Los Campesinos are fucking brilliant.

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Daft Punk were brilliant, as captivating as two blokes stood behind some computers can ever be as a live act. The way they mixed all the different elements of the songs together allowed you to hear your favorites but also feel like something new was being created.

It was nice and loud as well, something that's often a problem on main stages.

Imagine if they played a proper club with space for dancing and an good sound system, it would be incredible.

LCD soundsystem were reasonable, I'd like to see them in a smaller venue.

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