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Thundercats? LIVE ACTION?


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Those shoes really finish off that outfit.

Although I was a fan of the cartoon I can't see a live action version being anything other than total crap. M.A.S.K however would be great.

I was a fan of the cartoon too, until I watched it again recently. Rose tinted spectacles are great <_< M.A.S.K. is still awesome though, and could do with either a new series or a movie.

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I am all for this, purely because it pisses off that miserable tool Faraci something chronic. Hell, let's have a live action My Little Pony film too and a ZOIDS one for good measure. Anything that increases the chances of him fucking off up a mountain in despair.

In all honesty, though, the only thing Thundercats has going for it is an awesome logo that's far more iconic than anything else the series could ever hope to achieve. This is going to be a $150m film for furries and no one else, isn't it? They'll all be so disappointed when they go into the cinema and find their dreams of seeing hot furry sex action between Wilykit and Wilykat didn't make the final draft, the poor things.

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I've been giving some thought to the logistics of a MASK film, and I have to say, it would need some SERIOUS re-jigging to be even slightly plausible. I mean, the vehicles could be easily done and explained, but the mask's themselves? They're all over the place. They range from shooting ball bearings, flight and creating holographic projections, off the top of my head. Trying to explain why each mask only does one thing, why they wear the masks at all and what technology had been used to create them is a puzzler. I mean, the technology would have to be unique or every bugger would have one...

Back to the drawing board (it's been a slow day in work)

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MASK. Just introduce them like the superhero action films each with their unique abilities. Give a little backstory about the mask technology itself and the fact that Myles Mayhem ws Matt Tracker's long lost brother or business partner I foget which one and there you go instant kick start into secret counter ops intelligence unit that protects the world from shape changing vehicles from a terrorist organistaion.

I've always thought that Ulysess 31 would work as a great epic big trilogy like a science fiction version of LOTR. I mean it's like a twisted dark version of the Odyssey with bits of Jason and the Argonauts already.There has been rumours of a film version for years now with Christian Bale even mentioned in the lead a few years back but they never amounted to much and a script never surfaced.

Also Mysterious Cities of Gold would work as a single film although it would be pretty hard to fit everything in or a big historical fantasy trilogy combining the epic scale of recent stuff like Gladiator, Troy, 1492, Kingdom of Heaven and the best adventuring/fantasy bits of Indiana Jones and others. It would be fantastic if done right.

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