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The best bit in either series of the sitcom 'Spaced'


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The best bit in either series of the sitcom 'Spaced' is when Brian, the mad but somewhat tender-hearted artist who lives downstairs, walks in on Tim, who is lounging around in his lounge on a bean bag or sofa or something, playing Tomb Raider on PS1. Brian has been painting himself into his own painting, and is therefore completely covered in brown paint, and has most of a canvas attached to him. Tim doesn't look around at first, because he's playing Tomb Raider. When he does, he says 'You've got paint on you'.

That's my favourite bit in either series of the sitcom 'Spaced'. At the moment, anyway.

Actually, now I think about it I also really like that bit at the end of the first series where they dance in the pub to that cool jazz music.

Oh shit, I think I've ruined this thread...

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No it's not - it's Brian's flashback to the 80's with Dexys Midnight Runners on in a club and he finally gets the courage to dance to "Come on Eileen".

Or later in the same episode when Mike is at the club dancing to Josh Winks.

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Marsha with the bottle of champagne saying how she can resist its charms, then as soon as the door closes you hear the cork pop and her muted 'yaaay'.

Still get the urge to copy it when opening various bottles of stuff

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"Its a literal tribute to the self reflexivity of Rembrant"


My favourite is with Collin the dog. Daisy and Brian have a big speechabout not using him as if he were some sort of toy/plaything then they follow it up with a sinister photo session where they dress him up in period clothing shouting "dance for me!" <_<

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One of my favourite bits, though very small and relatively insignificant, was when Tim and Mike were walking to the paintball session holding hands, and they come to a tree so let go of each other and just let thier hands drop to thier sides while they walk either side of the tree, then hold each other's hand again.

Always love the subtlety of that I think.

There's obviously loads of great bits in it though. The one where Tim plays Resident Evil 2 so much he reinterprets the world around him as being to do with Resident Evil is possibly my favourite episode.

"Oh Brian, you came"

"No, I just, spilt.."

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"Mike, where are you?"

"I'm in Sheffield."

"What are you doing there?"

"Fell asleep on the tube."

"The tube doesn't go to Sheffield..."

"Yeah, must have changed at King's Cross."

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There are too many good bits but I love it when Mike is up on stage in the club, guiding his followers to the finer merits of the theme from the A Team. Every time I watch that, a smile comes to my face and I want to go clubbing.

"Oh, only for the. Only for the. Only for the hardcore, UK, raver. Mm, mm, mm, mm, mm, mm. Having it large, having it major. Having it large, having it major. Hm, hm, hm, hm, hm, hm, hm. REWIND! Meooooo"

Love Spaced, I actually shared a slightly geeky "I know what you meant" moment with a Smitty at work last year when I said skip to the end. <_<

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