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from 1up..

During the last few weeks, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe has been showcasing Wipeout Pulse the European gaming press at it's PlayStation-branded loft in London. While the PSP sequel was the focus of the event, questions about Wipeout PlayStation 3 were inevitable -- Sony's Liverpool studio director Clemens Wangerin confirmed the game in a recent issue of Develop magazine -- so we asked Game Director Tony Buckley for more details.

Understandably, Buckley wasn't too forthcoming, but confirmed the Liverpool based team wants to quickly release an iteration in the form of Wipeout HD, which should be officially announced in August or even earlier at E3. 1UP learned Wipeout HD is simply the first step, with a "major" Wipeout release penciled in for sometime in 2008. Wipeout HD will feature a online multiplayer mode and, while unconfirmed, likely HD-enabled tracks from Wipeout Pulse, as well


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I'm loving the PSOne original all over again after getting it from the PS Store on Friday. However my gaming skillz are all but gone and without my trusted neGcon I'm completely crap at it.

The news of any HD version, be it the old tracks done up or Pure tracks is very welcome to say the least.

This is indeed a great day.

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got a nice neGcon if your after one

Cheers mate, but I'm onto my third unit and it's still pretty mint. I've finally broken the habit of selling hardware for pennies, only to realise that I really needed it after all.

So this one is going nowhere. If only I'd been so sensible with my driving force pro.....

Can't wait for any WipEout related news at E3. The Sixaxis should hopefully offer the same functionality as the neGcon did (and continues to do) for the new dawn of next gen WipEout....

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From what I gather next game has long been in motion before the PS3 was announced. And yes this may be a stop gap, so be it, it will help to drum up more fans of the series in time for its launch in 2008.

Makes perfect sense to me.

Unless 2008 isnt coming in which case...BASTARDS! :ph34r:

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Fuck all, cant be arse with arguing. Posts deleted. Wipeout fans will buy any old shit. I'm one. an HD version as a stop gap is shit. Sigh.

Oh give it a fucking rest.

EDIT: Just realised you probably meant their organisation within the company as opposed to the whole company as an organisation, please forgive the harshness if so.

I did. They should have had the killer app ready for us.

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  • 3 weeks later...

From looking at it in a 30 second trailer, and from reading about WipEout Pulse, I think it's quite likely that WipEout HD is going to be very similar to Pulse, only in 1080p.

I'd probably be very happy with that. And there's a 'proper' version scheduled for 2008 as well, right?

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Big dissapointment. The nostalgia in me would love to see the first two games given a PS3 makeover.

Ah well... Somethings are best left to the memory.

Given how Wipeout Pure evolved, and the plans for Pulse, I think it's quite possible that there'll be downloadable tracks for Wipeout HD. If that did happen then I think we'd be almost certain to get some of the older ones.

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Looks sweet!

I'm hoping that it was the shoddy video that was making the framerate stutter a little bit...

Christ. I'm on a bit of a downer with the PS3 at the moment.

I apologise.

(I'm just worried about all my fave franchises being shagged up the arse by the shitty stick)

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