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Metroid Prime 2: Echoes


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Just completed it 100% items, 95% scans. Did the final bosses the first time, didn't think they were hard at all compared to Prime. Thankfully they were a lot shorter as well.

Just in time for Prime 3 on Monday. Going to go through the whole timeline on my DS and actually complete them this time (normally always get stuck on the final boss).

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1 hour ago, Mr Cochese said:

Can a mod please merge this unofficial thread into the official Nintendo endorsed Metrod Prime 2 thread?


Well it is a much longer thread than any of the other MP 2 threads I found. In retrospect it would have been better placed there.

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15 hours ago, Smitty said:


This guy has a superb series of videos on the MP trilogy.


Ah, this fucking masterpiece. *kisses fingertips*


Thanks for that, lost a few hours to the Metroid Prime, Mario and Zelda videos on that channel :)

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