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I wish there was a way to shrink down the cooldown monitor, of all the features in Ora2 that you can shrink, it's odd that there's no options for cooldown monitor beyond 'show' and 'hide'. I would love to get it to grow upwards, for example, rather than down.

The version i'm running (i update with wowaceupdater once a week or so) seems to have a 'Scale' option at least, so try updating. No direction controls or anything, though :lol:

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Is there an addon you can get that gives the black bar along the bottom that DOESN'T alter your portal view? I don't want it to affect that, I just want a scaleable black band. Anybody?

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I went posh with eePanels.

I was never really sold on eePanels, as when it came out I was using an uncomplicated bit of code to put boxes on my screen and didn't see the point of installing a whole new addon to do what amounted to pretty much the same thing. Shortly after that I decided I didn't like sticking boxes over my viewing window anyway, and went to a viewport model much like the one I posted on the first page.

Over the past couple of days, I've noticed a few UIs with a nice fade in/out effect behind certain elements, far less intrusive than the boxes I was used to seeing (edit: Your boxes look good, Jack, not trying to hint at any criticism there :)). So what was it? The same old eePanels but with a gradient filter. That absolutely sold it to me. I don't know how long it's had it but now I know it has, that viewport (which I always felt was a bit awkward on a widescreen monitor) totally isn't needed anymore.

I decided to go one step further and change my actionbar mod to InfiniBar* too, since I'm just not seeing eye-to-eye with Bartender anymore (sorry BT, it's not you, it's me, etc). The icing on the cake was the discovery of a patch to add a couple of extra states to Pitbull's combat fader module (fades the frame out of combat by default, the patch adds 'missing HP/mana' and 'target selected').

So this is my UI when doing nothing much...


This is with a target...


And this is in AV, although I still need to tinker with the Grid settings a little...


* must add that InfiniBar isn't perfect, it's got some real issues with macros for a start, but I just wanted a change from BT.

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All pretty simple really, the bars are bartender. The Frames are AGUF.

The black border at the bottom was simply created with the 3 chat boxes. Bottom left is guild, party and whisper. Middle is say, general, raid and all system messages, and bottom right is combat. The black boprder is made by just filling them in.

The map is simple minimap, erm, and thats about it really :( CyCyled is the addon that gives more stylised options for the actionbars. Oh and the hud is meta hud.

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Digging this up from the partially dead:


I'm targeting and focusing myself to show the target, ToT and focus frames.

In the centre above my frames is Quartz.

I have this setup to show buffsdebuffs on current target (attached top right) and focus (attached bottom left). It will show things I applied to the target/player (say polymorph). Or, things I'm interested in. By hacking quartz it will show an empty bar for things like curse of elements on my target and the scorch debuff even if i didn't start the stack.

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What's the mod everyone uses for removing the standard action bars and having those nice tidy bars? is it bartender? it's just I've heard it's a complete $%@#!@$ to set up so stayed well clear of it. But I'm having to get all my mods again so i thought I'd try a new UI out.

Oh, and thanks to Sprite for reccomending the grid/Clique combo in another thread. I don't think I could raid without it now :lol:

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