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Very plain i know, but can anyone give me any ideas what i can put on this.

My personal response is not so much about what you 'put on' it but what you take away. I dislike most of the default UI for having too much pointless / ugly features so basically a bar mod like bartender and a unit-frames mod like pitbull or aguf will take away the metallicy gryphons and large borders that - imo - obscure buttons and healthbars rather than neatly frame them. Once you do that, you might find you get much more space to see the world and all the extras like damage meters, threat meter and raid frames can go around your action bars much more neatly.

With bartender you can make a bar for things like mount, herbs, hearthstone etc that you may want on your screen, but as they're not essential for combat there's no need for them to be on bars as large as your main shot buttons.

Also like, the options menu thing (the one that has the buttons for spellbook, social, settings etc) isn't really necessary. O for social, esc for settings, p for spellbook. you use those rarely enough and not in combat to not need buttons for them. You don't need the lag indicator if you have fubar / titan to show that kind of stuff.

My most up to date ui shot. I was taking pictures of where I was standing compared to the boss and the tank so I could get saber-lash on Ma Shahraz :( But it's got all the bits and bobs to show off every part of my raid ui. I always think if you're going to show a pic of your ui, it needs to be in action, if you're a raider, in a raid in a boss fight. Anyone can have an awesome minimalistic UI while standing in orgrimmar but making all that raid info look need is more of a quest :D


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Work in progress at the moment.

Metahud is the HP/Mana bars and CT_Viewport for the black border at the bottom, which has the chat box and the various buttons in with the Pet bar sitting on top. I have some room on the right side, but thats probably going to have to be for a dot timer, as Metahud doesnt show the time left on dots at a glance as far as I can see - you have to mouse over the dots on the mob to see it, which is far from the best. I also dont like the way the backpacks open over my minimap and quest text that you see on screen there, and it doesnt look like bartender can move where the packs open :(

A Minor niggle is that Metahud doesnt show pets percentage of hp/mana. Dunno if that can be changed but I couldnt find it in the options.

If anyone could help with my above problems, I'd be grateful.

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I also dont like the way the backpacks open over my minimap and quest text that you see on screen there, and it doesnt look like bartender can move where the packs open :)

I use vBagnon for my bags. It puts them all into one window and you can search or split things into categories. You can also drag the window around and put it wherever you want.

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After a bit of time finding out how to move the bars, this is what i came up with.


That's not too bad, I would suggest replacing your unit frames maybe? Something like Perl or XPerl unit frames gives you a lot more freedom to mess around with them. Also I found map button bag to be really handy (That's actually not the name, I forgot what it's called) it just gives you one expandable button on your map, tidies it up a bit.

Oh and I would suggest moving over from titan bars to fubars, though I don't think they are perfect I do find them better than titan atm

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Eepanels 2 is a lot better and quicker to setup. You can setup your Global setting from the off to the colours are all the same. Then when doing the other side you can copy the Background Colour and Gradient colour so it's the same.

A lot better than the first version. Which doesn't work anymore anyway I don't think.

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