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John Carpenter


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Went to Manchester, great, great performance by Carpenter, utterly, utterly shit venue though. Oversold to the point of being dangerous and half the crowd were stuck in the back bar and couldn't even see him. 


I was upstairs in the balcony area as I'd requested seating due to a knackered ankle from a football injury. It's a bloody good job or I wouldn't have laid eyes on the stage otherwise.

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1 hour ago, DirkCrisis said:

There's a dude with a really good They Live look.


I'm wearing a They Live alien mask. But you're probably not referring to me as it's homemade and looks a bit arts and crafts. I figured that even if it turned out bad it would at least look like I'd tried instead of getting one of the shitty quality They Live or Michael Myers masks (both of which happen to be in front of me at the moment). 


I'm actually disappointed with the lack of costumes. I expected more people to make an effort. <_<

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