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Reading the latest 2000AD (literally arrived today) and regarding Judge Dredd, I can't quite believe I'm going to say this but are they



Are they going to pull a Simpson's Seymour Skinner and claim that Dredd is in fact an "Armin Tamzarian"?


We already had the fake out of hey there is a clone Dredd last issue  - only to follow it with oh no he isn't it is just a Judge called Semper who is wearing Dredd's stuff for "reasons".

Will they really pull a - this mad guy saw everything and real Dredd died in the Apocalypse War and Semper is actually Dredd now!


I can't quite believe they will pull something quite that daft but will be fun to find out.

Now that Proteus Vex and others have gone I am enjoying the new strips. I love the B&W art style of Fiends of the Eastern Front - which has a real early 2000AD vibe of boys own stuff mixed with creepy overtones. Hope has only just appeared and I like its artstyle as well but I am floundering a bit (assume I missed earlier adventures on that one) , intestinauts is a fun disposable aside and Brink is ok. The latter is obviously built to go into a longer format without the black bars that cover the "edgy" swearing - the plot is also a bit more rambly and unfocused than other Brink "books" (I have read the first 3 I think it was as they were on that humble bundle) - I think this one suffers from the lack of strong protagonist we had in previous investigations.


The Meg is great right now so all in all my sub is well worth the cost at the moment.


As for backlog - I bought two joblots on Ebay. I read progs 800-900 and I am currently working my way through 900-1000. The quality is so variable and I was utterly befuddled to read "Big Dave" and (I've forgotten the name but big boobed women drive fast cars like a Deathrace) - I get they are meant to be satire but they were just so ill judged.


I am tempted to get graphic novels of the best stuff so Dredd Case files and stuff but there are so many other releases it is hard to correlate the releases to progs (apart from Dredd Case files which are obviously in chronological order).

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A new Humble Bundle with some Dredd Etc




"Judge Dredd: The only law that matters in Mega-City One

The law is here, courtesy of 2000 AD! Back by popular demand, this bundle is absolutely packed with comics and stories from the Judge Dredd universe. Enjoy diving into comics like Zenith, Judge Death: My Name is Death, Dredd: Final Judgement, and Young Death. Plus, your purchase helps support Cancer Research UK and Save the Children UK!"

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Here we go again. The legendary Kevin O'Neill died last week after a long illness. Such a unique talent. 





Kevin O'Neill, the artist best known for his work on writer Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, has passed away, according to a report from Gosh Comics, a London comics retailer and blog. According to their post, O'Neill passed away last week following a long illness. O'Neill was a force in British comics for years, starting his career as a teen and then serving as both an artist and editor on the early days of the mega-successful anthology series 2000AD. There, he co-created characters like Marshal Law and Nemesis the Warlock, and built relationships that would continue throughout his long career.


Need to get that Kids Rule OK strip him and Garth Ennis did recently, turns out it was the last thing he worked on. 

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My sole contribution to this thread appears to be the bearer of bad tidings.


It appears Kevin O’Neill has died.




O’Neill was famous for League of Extraordinary Gentleman, Martial Law and Nemesis for the prog. Met him a couple of times and a really lovely bloke. Not the sort of person who’d you’d imagine would produce this…



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The funny thing about Carlos is that I don’t think I ever saw a photo of him while he was alive, yet every time I now see one I recognise him from his droid persona.

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