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2000AD & The Meg


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  • 1 year later...

Heh, I thought this was a new thread! Hey Darren still reading?

I'm tempted to get back into reading some 2000ad. I gave up around the time of the movie too, haven't so much as looked at one since. I was thinking of getting a few graphic novels to whet my appetite*, not sure about re-starting subscription, although I always loved Button Man!


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Does anyone know what's happening with the Dredd collections being released at the moment? Are they going to simply stop once they get to the colour progs? That would suck my thrill power away...

To answer my own question, the next volume of the Complete Case Files (vol. 12, I think), will be the first to reprint the colour Dredd Strips from the late 80's. It's a bit more expensive with an rrp of £17.99, but Amazon are doing it for £12. It's out 5th January.

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I was going to ask for some old 2000 A.D. stuff for Christmas.

Given that I've not read it for about 20 years :wub: - I was after stuff I remember as a kid, for a nostalgia kick.

Maybe the old Nemesis & Torquemada stuff, or some of the old Dredd stories (the storyline where the Dark Judges kill 90% of Mega City 1 I recall being good, EDIT: Necropolis that's the puppy)

Any recomendations? I noticed that they have been doing compilation volumes like this one

Is the Zenith stuff available anywhere???

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Bugger I hoped it'd be available in one of those collections like they've been doing for Nemesis, Dredd, Kano, ABC Warriors etc. (The ones with the brightly coloured spines)

It's my birthday tommorow, I'm going to pop into Forbidden Planet and see what I can pick up.

Definitly tempted by the old Nemesis stuff

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I think the problem is some ongoing legal carry-on between Grant Morrison and Fleetway Tharg about the ownership of the characters. Phase I and II were collected in nice shiny editions with some early Steve Yowell (sp?) designs of Zenith and an introduction by Morrison but I think they’re pretty rare.

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This thread is beginning to make me pine for the good old days of looking forward to 2000ad every week. Back when it was printed on toilet paper, cheap and full of amazing tales. Last time I flicked through it in Smiths it was glossy, uninteresting looking (in terms of artwork - busy pages that looked like Bolland taking acid and pressing every Photoshop filter one after the other) and crazy expensive.

That said I do want to take some sort of fix for the 2000ad itch. Is the best of book that's on Amazon for £8 any good?

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Judging by some of the reviews on the Amazon site (4th one in particular)

Sounds like it's not very good at all, 4 Harlem Heroes strips?? no thanks!

It gets worse:

But there are SEVEN Mean Team strips. Four Harlem Heroes. Even two of Shako the polar bear.

I'd take a pass on that and pick up a few collections of your favourite old characters.

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  • 4 weeks later...

I bought a copy of 2000AD this week, my first in nearly 20 years!

Can't say I'm that impressed actually

Rubbish Dredd story, some strip called The Red Seas which was so badly drawn it looked like an 8 year old could have done it, plus it was a terrible story, really really crap. Some people riding giant weevils or something :(

Ezquerra's Strontium Dog was the best thing in it, and that wasn't exactly fantastic

I'll stick with it for a bit and see if it picks up, the stash of stuff Astlius sent me (mostly progs from 2007 & 2008) proves that not all recent 2000AD is that bad, as there were some good stories and strips in there

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I might buy the Dredd 'The Pit' TPB. Should I buy it? I dunno.

I would, despite being rather good it's also a unique Dredd story in that he makes greater use of his wits than his reflexes ( not to worry though, there's still plenty of fighting in there ).

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Forbidden Planet are selling AD graphic novels cheaply (a few Dredd, one Slaine) if anyone's interested.

They are indeed. I picked up one of their classic hardback reprints, Nemesis the Warlock Books one and Two, for £2.99 and a paperback Dredd for 99p. They had lots of Complete America and Judge Child Quest but I've already got those.

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