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Cruis'n franchise returns to Wii


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Last-gen didn't look that bad, right?

That shot is on a par with the sub £10 PS2 shite that no name publishers pump out.

That Midway have put their name to that is shocking. It seems the Wii's lower spec and it's phenomenal success seems to be a green light to some publishers that consumers don't care about graphics.

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I'm sure this will bomb just like those Ubisoft racers at the Wii launch. These kind of Wii games never sell well, so I don't know why Midway's bothering. Mind you, all leading consoles get filled with Shovelware, just look at the PS2.

The gameplay's probably just as bad as the graphics too, considering the Cruis'n franchise has always been shite.

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Erm... NO

round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round and round


... hmm.. can't you tell i'm getting fed up with the Wii already :D

Nintendo should have invented a games console that the third parties could use easily.

Once more its freedom fighting Nintendo with their own library of wacky titles.

-with the odd third party game popping up now and again.

Where's flatout ultimate carnage for the Wii? - yeah.. Excite Truck ( which granted.. is great. But shitty looking )

Where's Ace Combat for the Wii? .... Bloody Heatseeker!

Sorry for the rant, but the Wii isn't moving in a positive direction at all at the moment IMO.

-regardless of Sell-Outs and people being happy with Wii Sports!

Where are the games? Big games? Mario Galaxy should have been out last Xmas.

Actually, I've missed the point haven't I? the Wii isn't a games console. It just isnt.

Its an Entertainment unit! ... like a Philips CDI that actually works.

now lets all get the preorder in for Wii-Fit.


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That looks like a Twister peripheral.

You could have a mat, and have to spin the remote, with the big dial thing on the screen. Your Mii would then show you where you could go, or you could play against someone online, using the tv, and not be allowed to 'touch' (since obviously there would be no real contact) their Mii or something equally ridiculous.

EDIT: Leg warmers not included.

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