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24 : TwentyFour


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I'm sure it's been pointed out but what I like about Tony is how he became the total opposite of Jack despite both of them fighting, seeing and losing just as much as each other.

The first season's first 'assumed' spy was Tony, not that it was planned or anything, but it made a nice circle when I watched all the seasons back to back.

The series ends in my head with them having shot each other, Jack outliving Tony by a few moments.

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I hope the next season ends with President Palmer talking to Jack over Cisco Telepresence on a bank of Dell monitors, and then he turns straight on to the camera revealing that the other side of his face is all cyborged with a red laser beam coming out and stuff.

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Someone's theory in the comments of 24Spoliers (about the phone call)

Mason’s completely dead, there’s no way they could retcon the circumstances of his demise. I’m 98% convinced it was just a fun little Easter Egg of a cameo to give us hardcore fans a thrill and nothing more. The remaining 2% wants to come up with a conspiracy theory of some sort. *ponders*

Would Tony have ever had the opportunity to speak to that voice on the phone? How strictly are things like phone calls and visitation regulated for those in solitary? Like, if he got a call from a voice that had been doctored to sound like George Mason, that woulda got his attention in a “Deep Sky” kinda way, so that whatever mundane thing the call was actually about, it would have been a hidden message that someone who knew him was up to shenanigans.
Deep Sky Shenanigans is totally why I think Xander’s voice is not a coincidence. Plus, the idea of Tony getting coded assistance to escape from prison delivered in Mason’s voice is just awesome. Besides the fact that it’s Mason, that’s also the character whose actions led to both Tony’s command at CTU and his relationship with Michelle and died a redemptive hero in a literal blaze of glory on the same day he kickstarted the last twenty years of Tony’s life. Seems only right that he’s ghosted his way back from the great beyond, in the only way possible on 24, to push things along for Tony now.
Also, when George was being a bad boy and trying to run, it was a phonecall from Tony that steered him in another direction, which ended up leading that big redemptive moment for him. So having Mason’s voice down a phoneline be the one directing Tony towards a situation where he can get his own redemption is kinda nice. It’s all poetic and junk.
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