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Suicide attempt Owen Wilson?


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It's not the greatest film in the world, but he had an amazing chemistry with Jackie Chan in Shanghai Noon - it showed up the Rush Hour films for the shitfests they are.

True, this. They're not great films, but miles better than the Rush Hours.

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He did?!? Wow, many props for that.

I feel very bad for him and his family right now, but by the same token such events help to reinforce my belief that money cannot buy happiness - which is nice as I'm really starting to doubt it these days.

It's probably true, but a lack of it can certainly cause misery.

Anyway, I rather like him as an actor (although I don't think he actually acts, based on every character he plays being the same, as is behaviour in interviews), so :)

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Went to the Starksy and Hutch premiere a few years back and was shocked to see how arrogant Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller were. It really ruined their films for me. I thought they'd be all friendly and shit :(

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