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NFL/NCAA American Football – Thread for experts and newcomers alike

Rex Grossman

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Massive newcomer to NFL. Used to watch it if it was on during repeated trips to the US and now I have friends there, I've sort of got more into it. Anyway for my first ever pick in a FF style competition I've entered, I picked the Eagles. At 17-0 down in the first half, things were not looking good, but a superb comeback in the 2nd half, makes me 1-1 in picks, and i'll take that.

Not sure If I'm going to pick a team to support. Its doesn't feel right unless you live there and have some sort of connection. Might wait until I've been to a game.

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Bloody autocorrect, I meant browns!

A Steelers fan :nope.gif:

On balance you guys deserved to beat us. I'm just pleased we showed some fight in the second half!

A workmate of mine is a Bengals fan so between us and you and your brother-in-law we've got the AFC North covered!

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