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All things Yakuza/Like a Dragon! - new games announced


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That's a bit ungrateful after everything womblingfree did for you. You'll buy Yakuza 3 and you'll like it!

I would say go straight for Yakuza 4 if you're not really sure what to think of and have yet to be convinced. True, a lot of people will say that you're missing out on some great moments for when you meet characters from previous games or previous events are referenced (especially from 3), but imho Yakuza 4 is very much able to stand on its own. It's also the best of the Yakuza games, being the most polished and accessible (in a good way, not in a dumbed-down way) of the series with a great story and brilliant characters. I say go for it.

You're the cause of the problem here, Gerbik ;)

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I shall have it for a little over a fiver or I shall die trying! I've got a billion games to play anyway, no rush.

I'm sure everyone was dying to know, but I got this for £6.82. I only had a quick look at some of the pre-story videos but are they all displayed in a tiny box? Can understand it for the older stuff but why is it the same for the Yakuza 3 story too? Just to keep the size down, maybe? I've no idea how long they are just wanted to see if it worked.

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I managed to pick up 1&2 on the PS2 the other week for 15 quid so I'm playing through 1 at the moment to get my Yakuza fix as I missed it at the time.

First impressions are; my God my eyes, am I drunk or did PS2 games really look that blurry and then once my eyes have adjusted my thoughts are that its exactly the same as 3, its all the same locations and they haven't improved the combat at all from Yakuza 1. But its still fucking brilliant.

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First impressions are; my God my eyes, am I drunk or did PS2 games really look that blurry

Play them via emulation, helps solve that problem. The PS2 had pretty shitty video output and rendering image quality in general, nowhere near as crisp an RGB output/renderer as the Dreamcast managed.


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I've never played a Yakuza game before but I picked up a ps4 and Ishin a few weeks ago and I'm having a great time playing it.

I love the never ending supply of side missions and minigames. I turn it on at night play for a couple of hours then save it and realize I haven't actually progressed the plot at all, but have just been doing side missions,minigames, battle dungeon etc.

Are all the Yakuza games like that?

I've played for about 25 hours so far but have barely made a dent in the plot. My swordsmanship is however fully leveled up :)

Also the actual plot is good and the cutscenes etc are some of the best I've seen in any game.

I can't believe a game on this scale can get by solely on Japan sales. It's a shame they don't localize it, it's fantastic.

Definitely planning on playing some of the other games in the series after this one.

Not sure how far I should go back. There are 6 previous games in the series and that zombie one (which I'm not interested in). And another one has been announced.

Don't know if I have enough free time to commit to playing 7 Yakuza games(well, I guess I can but it will take a long time) Are the ps2 ones still worth playing?

I was thinking of starting with 3 or 4 and maybe just check YouTube etc for plot summaries of the older ones...

Edit: reading back through the thread I can see this question/topic has been covered before :D

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In pre-order news, 'The Best' aka bargain editions of Yakuza 5 & Yakuza 1+2 HD for PS3 are being released on December 11th.

Play-asia has them up for pre-order -

Yakuza 5 re-release is £17:46 -


Yakuza 1+2 HD is £12:47 -


They also currently have Kenzan! for PS3 for £13:10 -


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