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All things Yakuza/Like a Dragon! - new games announced


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Glad the game arrived Quexex, but you're missing out if you skip the side quests, some of them are the best missions in the game!

Robo_1, is this in Yakuza 2? What do you need the 100,000 yen for? Is this an early story mission or is it one of the later side missions? If it's later on and you've already unlocked the casino again, the simpliest way to make money is on roulette. If it's the story mission earlier on, I'd recommend beating a lot of people up and selling what they drop at the second hand shop.

edit : I just realised it probably is the story mission, since you mentioned mahjong. So yeah, beat people up and when they drop decent loot, sell it! Also take all the stuff you can out of the lockers and sell that too. Plus the people who you beat up often hand you around 5000 - 10000 yen anyway, so just the act of beating them up will earn you a fair amount.

Cheers for that, I've nearly beat the necessary amount out of the local thugs. :huh:

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I'm dying of a cold, can barely stay awake and yet I'm still playing this bloody game :)

Just fought against the


in chapter 12. The most laugh out loud, ridiculous fight ever but damn it was fun and extremely bad ass.

Easily one of my games of the year.

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I was going to wait until I finish Blue Dragon before playing this but folded earlier today..........

Simply wonderful :)^_^:)

Back into the groove of smashing faces like a duck to water, it plays very similarly to the first but seems to have more scope from what I've seen so far (Up to chapter 4 now). Love the updated heat attacks!

The story recap is handled very nicely too.

I'm off work on Monday so should have a good few hours game time, all of it on this I reckon. <_<

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Being a thick bugger can someone tell me, where the hell do I go to watch any dvds I've bought which give me moves ?

I've tried going into my inventory and just selecting them but of course that doesn't work so I assume I have to go somewhere to watch them.

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I just finished Yakuza 1 ^_^

So much fun, definitely one of my favourite games of recent times.

After the thrashing I got on the roof with twin gun guy I think I overprepared a bit for everything else and breezed through the last section. I'm not complaining though as the fights were still a lot of fun. To be honest I'd kind of gotten lost in the plot and I couldn't tell you what the overall scheme was. Didn't quite max my abilities - I still had two levels of Technique to learn. I finished on 16:43, with 4 retries (all on that roof boss). 798 defeated enemies! It really didn't feel like I'd pummeled that many people :)

I'll plunge into the second one tomorrow!

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Managed to find time today to play this and got up to chapter 4. It really is a solid piece of entertainment so far. I got distracted about a 1/4 of the way into the original and never managed to go back to it, so the flashback was very welcome (and done very well). The only minor negative so far is some of the loading can break the immersion at times. When you are in the middle of a heated escape and turn a corner it is a little annoying that the music cuts out and you get a black screen for a moment. Still it is understandable why its needed and not lessening my enjoyment that much. The music needs mentioning as well, as pretty much every track has been excellent so far.

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That is the place to watch move DVDs as well. Mr. Woo, it's one of the places you went to in that side mission about the girl's sister. It's at the very south end of the main Osaka area (Soutenbori). You can also buy more DVDs from the shiftygeek man in south Kamuro after Chapter 10 or so. They are a bit dear though if I rememer right.

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There's a place called Gandhara in the new city where you can watch dvds.Haven't tried it with the move dvds yet though.
That is the place to watch move DVDs as well. Mr. Woo, it's one of the places you went to in that side mission about the girl's sister. It's at the very south end of the main Osaka area (Soutenbori). You can also buy more DVDs from the shiftygeek man in south Kamuro after Chapter 10 or so. They are a bit dear though if I rememer right.

Cheers lads, you were both right :)

Finished the main storyline their now with about 24 - 25 hours on the clock. Overall a bloody brilliant game, definitely better than the first. The storyline did get a bit silly later on but always very enjoyable and certainly nothing to effect my enjoyment of the game.

I loved how macho the game was, especially at the end where

you and Ryuji Goda fight each other even when badly injured and the posturing beforehand.

I laughed out out loud at that :)

Though the outright funniest bit of the game would have to be for the side mission where:

you come across the yakuza man babies and then have to fight them. That was fucking hilarious ^_^

As for the end fight itself, what did anyone else who completed it do ?

I had fucked myself a bit with having used my health/weapon items during the previous battles so basically I was very low in health, had a substitute stone and that was it. Nothing else. I kept running and jumping at Goda as that seemed pretty effective. The one thing I couldn't seem to do was get to use the HEAT on him at all. I couldn't seem to knock him down/knock him down long enough. It was also annoying in that in grabbing him you got headbutted first before you could hit him. Still, I eventually done it, just took a while

Definitely one of my favourite games this year, I really hope Sega have done well enough to warrant bringing out Kenzan and 3 over in America/Europe. I also look forward to reading/seeing more of Yakuza 3 during TGS.

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They just mention something about a fractious interview with Nagoshi and how he wouldn't talk about the game.Apparently it's too similar to the original and it loses points because it's on PS2 instead of PS3 ;) .There's no mention of improved loading times or all the extra stuff to do in this one.It's too last gen seems to be their summary of it.

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Oh for fuck sake GamesTM :lol:

Of course it's a bit last gen, the fucking thing was originally released over 18 months ago! Still doesn't stop it from being one of the best games this year with a mature story which at least isn't some fucking anime teen saving the world, even if it goes a bit silly later on plot wise.

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I haven't played Y2, but it isn't vastly different to the first title, is it? And the original I found got very dull, very quickly. I loved it initially, but it soon became a chore to play and I was glad to get through it. And those load times! Criminal.

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I just did the first hour or so of the second game. Right from the start it's evident that little tweaks have improved it. The engine seems to run a bit more smoothly - there seems to be more detail in the faces for one thing. Animations are vastly improved, and the difference lip-synching makes is much bigger than I thought it would be. It already really makes me wish there was a original language/subs option on the first.

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My homeboy Patrick who wrote the FAQs for 1,2 and Kenzan found that copy of Famitsu from a few weeks ago that the scans were in to get a better look at the text, and has translated the whole article. Here are some snippets, some Y2 spoilers are tagged for people yet to finish that game -

On the set up

Q: Does the story take place right after the ending of Ryuu ga Gotoku 2?

A: That's right.

It starts right after the last scene of Ryuu ga Gotoku 2, in the graveyard. After parting with Sayama Kaoru, thinking they can leave the messy underworld behind and live peacefully,

Kiryuu and Haruka move to Okinawa. They also head to Okinawa clinging to the idea that they can live normal lives, for the sake of the orphanage and people who raised them....

On the location

Q: I never thought Okinawa would be one of the main settings for this series--I was really shocked!

A: As I said in an earlier interview, I'm sure you can make a drama out of any city. It's just that this place, Okinawa, has its own special atmosphere. There's an international flare to it--something fresh that no other city really has....Being able to visit miniature versions of places in Japan is one of the fun, appealing things about the game.

Atmosphere & Gameplay changes

Q: Looking at the streets in Okinawa, you've used actual, real business's names on the signs this time.

A: We have them in the Kamuro District, too. There are more tie-ins with real stores than ever before. Both towns have day and night, and I think we've improved on conveying the feeling that you're in a real city. If you watch the video, you'll see that the Kamuro District, in particular, really conveys this feeling. There are crowds of people walking around, taxis zipping by--it has more of a realistic flare. That's because, besides adding more secret areas around town, you can now freely move the camera about. I think we've done a good job at fulfilling the wishes of those who have played our game before.

Q: Are there more character models and actions for the townspeople?

A: There are more, and the A.I. has been evolved. The actions for when they are hit are more varied, and there are more ways they can fall down. Of course, there are practically no load times, either. Random encounters will seamlessly start, too... Oh! Let's leave information on battles for the next report, OK?



Rikiya Shimabukuro (the character played by Tatsuya Fujiwara)

A young, high-ranking officer in the Okinawan syndicate, the Ryuudou Family. He's a man who burns with loyalty--and love for Okinawa. Patrolling the area where the Morninglory is located, he knows Kiryuu and Haruka. He regarded Kiryuu as an enemy, since he came from the mainland, but he respects Kiryuu's manliness, and so he cooperates with him.


Yoshitaka Mine (sturn looking man played by Shido Nakamura)

The leader of the Hakuhou Association, an affiliate of the Toujou Association, Moving millions of yen around in realty and the stock market, he's in charge of the Toujou Association's bank. In his mid-30s, he's still young, and with his intelligence and economic talent, he's gained the trust of the sixth association head, Doujima Daigo, and suddenly rose to executive status.


Gou Hamazaki

The head of the Hamazaki Group, an affiliate of the Toujou Association. People call him the "Hama Emperor,"@ because of his tough appearance and burly physique. Based in Yokohama, it seems he has a lot of dealings going on in Chinatown. It's rumored that he's linked to the Chinese Mafia, the Se Waa.

Yokohama Chinatown eh?


Shigeru Nakahara

Head of the Ryuudou Family. He's like a father to Shimabukuro Rikiya, sponsoring him in the syndicate. He lives in the same area as Kiryuu and Haruka. An old-fashioned gangster, clinging to the ideas of justice and compassion, he is a very honorable man. However, because of his involvement in the land purchase for the area of the Morninglory Child Welfare Facility, he has become an enemy of Kiryuu's.

I'll leave off Daigo since we all know who he is.


Mystery Man (who looks like Shintaro Kazama)

A mysterious man who, out of nowhere, comes to the Toujou Association's headquarters. He looks exactly like the late KAZAMA Shintarou,* former head of the Toujou Association's Kazama Group and sponsor and father figure to Kiryuu. He urges Doujima Daigo to take part in buying land in Okinawa, but his aims and his true character are completely shrouded in mystery

Shouldn't they just dissolve this organization? It's caused them nothing but mad trouble...

Sorry for such a long post. Patrick's original posts are here, although be warned you'll be braving GameFAQs to read them. He also rescanned the issue, but only to make the text sharper, there's nothing new to see.

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