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Best Simpsons season


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I saw that the other day and was a bit "oh....a Lisa ep..."....but then I remembered how good it was, for many of the parts you've mentioned. Like you said...it seemed effortless.

Lisa the Vegetarian was on yesterday and although it is still soured slightly by Lisa ruining Homer's BBBQ, I'd forgot how many gags are fit in, it's rapid.

In them days it seemed effortless, whereas now it seems they're not trying.

I liked this bit too: :D

Ralph: "Um, Miss Hoover?"

Miss Hoover: "Yes, Ralph, what is it?"

Ralph: "My worm went in my mouth and then I ate it. Can I have another one?"

Miss Hoover: "No, Ralph, there aren't any more. Just try to sleep while the other children are learning."

Ralph: "Oh boy, sleep! That's where I'm a Viking!"

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What the fuck?!

I think I've been misinterpreted that joke for my whole life. Here was my interpretation: I assumed that "viking" was a figure of speech I'd never heard, that was synonymous with "pioneer" or "groundbreaker". So I always thought the joke was that Ralph was basically saying "Sleep is an area in which I excel". I never thought much of the joke, mostly because (I thought) it was based on a figure of speech I wasn't familiar with.

What the fucking fuck

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Just seen the episode where a new comic shop opens, comic book guy sells up, and Marge starts a chain of gyms.

Not a great episode all 'round - but there's a cameo from Alan Moore, and right behind him, the artists worked in a big poster for The Lost Girls. A bit cheeky, that.

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I haven't seen a new episode of The Simpsons since the one where Mr T gives Krusty a Bar-Mitzvah, and I haven't watched Family Guy since about season 5, but I think I might be tuning in to this just to see how godawful it's going to be:



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We should be grateful that after years of gradual, ambiguous decline and the resulting arguments over exactly when these two shows failed, Fox has created an episode everyone can point to and say "This is when Family Guy and The Simpsons utterly collapsed".

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That's my fave episode too. Just been watching series one and two again and whilst they are no where near the height of seasons 3-8 they are just so lovely and much better than the current Simpsons. They're so full of normality and boring life compared to family guy style simpsons that are just dumb.

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Been watching from the start - up to Season 3. It's amazing how strong these early seasons are, but gosh golly Homer (and to a lesser extent Bart) are actually really unpleasant characters sometimes. Didn't notice that when I watched when younger

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