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Films that you hated

Major Britten

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So to counter the other thread about films you loved and now think are shit I thought I would do one about films that you initially thought were absolute crap that you think are actually pretty good after a second (or several) viewings.

Mine are;

Alien - Not so much that I thought it was crap but I couldnt watch it all the way through, I got to the bit where Kane gets the facehugger attached to him and then switch it off afterwards as I was too scared to continue watching the film (hey I was about 7 at the time). It took me years before I could watch the whole film and now I rate it as one of the best horror films of all time.

Goodfellas - After all of the good reviews and hype this got my first viewing I wasnt too impressed, it was only after several viewings that I could appreciate what a work of art that film was.

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The Big Lebowski was a film that definitely had to grow on me. I thought it was nothing more than average when I saw it on release, and felt quite disappointed coming as it did after the mighty Fargo. It's all in the details though, and over subsequent viewings it just got better and funnier until I now consider it one of the most superbly entertaining films ever made.

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A film to match your name GHOST!!! I hate it then i still hate it!!!

Just adding it for the link to your name remembered me of terrible times!!!

Glad to be of assistance :D

One more to add;

Eyes Wide Shut - Absolutely adore Kubrick but felt that this one was nothing but lots of tits and mass orgies, however after repeat viewings I found that there was a deep story and a very clever film underneath all of the exposure of flesh.

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Heat. When I first saw it in the cinema, after it had garnered all this praise, I was completely underwhelmed by it. Sure, it had some cool bits (the shootouts, obviously, the "Home free." bit), but I was never particularly impressed by it. I think part of the reason was me losing the story towards the end, especially how Waingro fit in. However, seeing it since then, the story has clicked and I have grown more and more fond of the film.

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