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Halo 3 Theatre Screenshots Thread


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someone HAS to set up an Easy Rider style photo with Brute Choppers on Tsvao Highway.

That would be totally amazing.

Like this? :D




Word of warning though folks, today I was playing Oblivion, and it was running a bit shit so I did the Cache Clearing trick. Upon booting Halo just now to get these screens from my old vids, all the ones I hadn't actually manually saved to the HDD had gone! ;)

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Just had an awesome night of multiplayer with a load of the Rllmuk lads and have found in the process that Rocket Race is the most hilarious and fun game ever.

I was on the back and jaymbee was driving. We missed the mid air check point and dropped down. As we did I noticed SpankMeSideWays and Sabr3wulf III circling round to grab it.

AHA! I thought, not so fast! What followed was THE most perfect rocket shot. They may have got the marker, but I felt badass :angry: I love this game.





Beautiful :D

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I found an interesting exploit on level 2 this evening:

In the first room with all the Brutes (including the hammer Brute), the door behind you (from the control room) won't close until you've gone through the door that you have to open yourself. This means that you can snipe all the brutes without going through the door, and keep going back to the control room for battle rifle ammunition from the infinite battle rifle rack in the lower section of the control room. I did this, and the hammer Brute chased me into the control room, charging past Sgt Johnston!




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Haha, that rocket race stuff was so fun. I've got some good stuff from the same games too - at one point 4 of us were left stranded in the desert without vehicles :angry:

From the same set of games - Mosh Pit on valhalla this time. I'm charging up to the hill all cocky in my mongoose. Then, just as i arrive ready to clean some house, something hits me and.... I'm the speck on the horizon, spinning through at least 1080 degrees!



amazingly enough I ended up unscathed:


The clip is here - it's pretty funny to watch http://www.bungie.net/Stats/GameStatsHalo3...nny%20cardboard

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