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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen


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I think the toy's had to cut a lot of corners. The Constucticon toys will come in seperate "can turn into a robot" and "can combine to Devastator" versions, for crying out loud. Given its price I wouldn't be surprised if there was a super-deluxe version for collectors that was better.

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It looks cheap. I've seen a review of one of them (the one you see in the trailer) and as a standalone toy, he doesnt look very good. His robot mode is pretty poor, and if you transform him to how he looks in the trailer, then I dont know how he'd stand - he seems to move on one wheel with the other raised behind him. He doesnt look particularly like a typical transformer and I cant say I'm too fond of him and certainly hope they havent gone this route with the others. Compared to some of the other toys (Starscream looks ace - loads better than the first one - and sideswipe and the audi look cool too) its a bit dissapointing. However, part of me still REALLY wants to get them all for devastator. He looks huge.

The concept pics of him look loads better, I'm pretty sure he'll look very cool in the film.

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I think the toy's had to cut a lot of corners. The Constucticon toys will come in seperate "can turn into a robot" and "can combine to Devastator" versions, for crying out loud.

The original Constructicon toys looked fine. By making the original live action designs so fussy it does paint them into a corner with regards to future toy lines though.

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Full list of robots set to appear - From Worst Previews

Now, Paramount Pictures has sent a list to Yahoo!, claiming that it's a FULL list of all the robots that will appear in the movie. The total number is a lot less than expected. And Michael Bay has already confirmed that Megatron will be in the "Transformers 2." So why isn't he on the list?


* OPTIMUS PRIME: The Autobots' leader - alternate form: Peterbilt truck.

* IRONHIDE: Weapons specialist - GMC Topkick.

* RATCHET: Medic - Hummer H2.

* BUMBLEBEE: Friend and mode of transportation for Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) - 2010 Chevorlet Camaro.

* ARCEE: A female Autobot - motorcycle.

* JETFIRE: An older Decepticon who switches sides - SR71 Blackbird jet.

* JOLT: the original toy was a Decepticon, but in the movie he's a good guy - Chevrolet Volt plug-in hybrid.

* SKID & MUDFLAP: a.k.a. "The Twins" - Chevrolet Beat and Trax concept cars.


* STARSCREAM: Formerly Megatron's second in command, he escaped at the end of the first movie (see photo); F-22 Raptor jet.

* SCORPONOK: The mechanical scorpion that attacked the American troops in the desert.

* THE FALLEN: One of the original Transformers, he's called "the most elemental bad guy" by the screenwriters.

* SIDEWAYS: The Audi R8 seen crashing through a building in the trailer.

* SOUNDWAVE: A cassette player in the original toys; his alternate mode will fly.

* RAVAGE: A four-legged, cat-like robot.

* THE DOCTOR: Alternate form has not been announced.

* WHEELIE: A small, radio-controlled truck.

* DEMOLISHER: One of the Constructicons that transform into construction vehicles.

* DEVASTATOR: A giant robot formed by the Constructicons joining together; individually, they are: Scavenger, Scrapper, Hightower, Longhaul, Rampage, Overload and Mixmaster.

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So they're still pretending that Megatron isn't in it, huh? I'm kind of hoping that he is restricted to the flashbacks, mind you. It'd make sense.

That list is bullshit for a start. One of the visual effects guys has already confirmed that there will be about 60 different robots in this new one.

After "Transformers" hit theaters in 2007, Michael Bay spoofed himself in a Verizon FiOS commercial, proclaiming, "I demand things to be awesome!" and proving it by flaunting his "awesome pussycat" (a tiger) and awesome (exploding) barbecue grill.

Turns out the helmer was only half-kidding. Just ask the visual effects studios on "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen," who have their hands full keeping up with Bay's itch for excess.

"He's brilliant, but he's a challenge," says Matthew Butler, Digital Domain's vfx supervisor on the film. Not only is Bay demanding, as top directors generally are, but "he's incredibly fast-paced. He's a whirlwind to keep up with, both on the set and in post."

Scott Farrar of Industrial Light and Magic, lead vfx supervisor on both "Transformers" films, sounds somewhat awestruck as he compares the sequel to its predecessor.

"Michael took the production value up many, many notches," he says. "Just the backgrounds alone are huge. It's a combination of 'Apocalypse Now' and 'Ben-Hur,' in regards to fantastic backgrounds and the unbelievable sets we worked at around the world."

Everyone involved in "Revenge of the Fallen" is keeping the details under wraps, but Farrar says there are some 60 robot characters, and they play in settings around the world. Some, like refineries at night, were chosen to boost the visual drama and show off the scale of the giant 'bots.

What's more, this time the Transformers will interact much more with the world around them. Farrar highlights "the splashes and the hits and the fighting on dirt or moving, banging into trees," explaining, "Things splinter and break, they spit, they outgas, they sweat, they snort."

ILM, having developed the vfx for the first "Transformers," is the lead shop on this one as well. But Bay is part owner of Digital Domain, which presents some unusual challenges for Butler and the DD team.

For Bay, co-owning the company puts him in a potential conflict of interest. The director always wants the best for his movie and usually asks for as much as possible from the vfx shop. The owner of a vfx shop, on the other hand, has to keep an eye on costs and margins.

Butler says Bay is remarkably good at balancing those roles: "Michael is very fiscally responsible. a director but he's very much a producer too. In fact, whenever we're talking about any shot or sequence, he's thinking about what it costs, and he's thinking about bang for the buck."

One new challenge is that several sequences will be shown in Imax format, approximately 16 times larger than 35mm, which means the CG work must be finished at much higher resolution. At that scale, it can take several days to render a final frame.

All this is on top of creating a new family of giant robots. "(Bay) had to learn a whole litany of new things by getting into this robot culture on the first film," Farrar says. "I don't think he'd ever worked on a film where he'd done so much directing of animated characters. So he's really taken it to heart, and I think not everybody does, but he actually enjoys the process."

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I doubt that all 60 robots will have a lot of screen time, though. That list is probably the "principle cast". If there's 60 in there I'm expecting a "war sequence", quite possibly in flashback (they were supposed to be fighting in Egyptian times, right?) but hopefully just as an awesome way to top off the movie.

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Epic PR fail: LG are doing a promo with RotF and invited Bay over to their press event recently, where he explained to the assembled journos that he doesn't know anything about phones and uses a $35 Samsung. Then he turned down the offer of a free phone from the LG rep because he can't be bothered moving his contacts. :huh:

Considering how the Transformers fiction started out that's wonderfully ironic.

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