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Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen


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Some info on which Autobot(s) could be battling Devastator in the new film:

It was previously revealed that Devastator will make an appearance in the upcoming "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen." The giant robot is comprised of nine smaller Constructicon robots and will clearly give Autobots something to be worried about.

But thanks to IESB, we now know that the Autobots are prepared, by brining in their own giant robot: Superion. While we cannot confirm that all this big robot action will take place in the new movie, this information fits nicely with the fact that Michael Bay has promised us a total of forty robots.

Superion is made up of five "aerial robots" and will clearly go up against the Devastator. Below we have front and back shots of the Superion toy, which also has a description of the character and its five parts.

Description: The mighty union of the five Aerialbots, Superion thinks of little else besides destroying any Decepticons he encounters, and protecting any innocent bystanders nearby. The robots that combine to form this powerful warrior are experienced teammates, working in tandem to see that the Autobots emerge victorious from the fire of The Ancient War.

From Worst Preview.

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Defensor and the group of robots were called Protectorbots.

It's funny how some things from your childhood never leave your memory.

Yes! Those had left my memory, even though I had them all (and still do somewhere in my parents' house - all-in-all, they're probably sitting on a mountain of cash).

Metroplex FTW!

I was just about to Google the name of that! My brother had Metroplex, and I had Scorponok.

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Metroplex FTW!

I loved the comic book version of Metroplex when the Sharkticons basically destroyed most of the Autobots and then Rodimus lost the Matrix so his obvious line of thought was "let's raise the super-giant killer robot that helps Autobot City transform" and they just let him run riot for an issue ;) Geoof Senior's art was, and still is, brilliant.

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Superion? Is this something Michael Bay has made up for the movie?

Slingshot, Air Raid, Fireflight, Skydive and Silverbolt, the Aerialbots, combine to form Superion and have done since about 1986. I assume Silverbolt isn't going to be a Concorde this time though...


How the hell do I still know these by heart? Hotspot, Blades, Groove, Streetwise and First Aid. That's your Protectobots too.

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Superion? Is this something Michael Bay has made up for the movie? Bit strange with the amount of characters he can choose from.

You need to buy this book to help you get up to speed on who all the Transformers are (well up to the animated movie).


I've still got my copy I bought on holiday as a kid. :D

Although noticing the price it now goes for online I might sell the bloody thing.

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I have my doubts that Superion will appear in the movie. The ROTF packaged Superion is a repaints of Superion Maximus. I'd expect to see an all-new mould to increase sales if it were a movie character. The first live-action movie also had its fair share of repaints as non-movie/game characters from the more recent lines (the best being Classics Mirage who became Crasher from the Gobots!) to bulk up the number of characters on sale.

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