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Halo 3 friends please


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Add me if you want to chaps, would prefer to play with grown ups rather than little nerds who think its great to swear, call you fags etc etc

My Gamertag is Darkstar859

I know its a lame tag, but i brought it over from the orginal xbox... ;)

BTW, awesome game of big team battle last night, whereby there was only myself and another friend on the reds against 6 players on the blue, and we won!!! :) Shotgun and ghost teamwork rules

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I work away quite a bit so don't get the chance for any regular online team play. However I'll gladly take a match when I get the chance so feel free to add me too:

"Mr Lessels"

My skills are almost as crap as my gamertag but I'm a good sport and happy to laugh at my own expense.

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I think I have quite a few of you on my friends list from the Beta, though as far as I remember Preach was about the only one who actually played much, and he just gave me sass for not having a headset (which I had unthinkingly left in the box, sixty miles away). I'm still sorting out the Internet connection at my new place, but I'll add any people that I'm missing once that's set up. Feel free to add me in the meantime.

Gamertag: Gorxlor

Oh, and I'm rubbish, probably.

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Hi guys, I've just paid for a gold subscription for a month to check this out online.

I've started to go through this thread to add some of you to my friends list.

See you online, I hope!

My gamertag is MIKEJM1978

Cheers. :P

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