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Oh Danny Boy

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Will there be a version for the 360 with the bugs ironed out and the additional content included? that would be great as i don't have an internet connection for my 360

Don't know about the bugs.. but YES! there is a complete version about to be released :angry:

good timing for you!

see here:


I think its coming out very soon..

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It's already out, actually, I got a copy from shopto last week (and then gave back the borrowed copy of the original I've been using)

It doesn;t contain all the Download stuff, just the two big ones - Shivering Isles and Knights of the Nine. It doesn't say specifically that it contains the latest bugfixes, but I think it does in order to install the DLC packs. You'll also need a 360 with a hard drive (just in case you might not).

not all the bugs are fixed even in the latest patch - one where a quest-important character can fall to his death off a bridge turned up for me last night when I tried to find him...

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