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Predictions for 2008


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Let's predict what we think will happen in gaming during 2008. If you want to put some bollocks on the line too, feel free.

1. Sony will release a PSOne and PSTwo emulator for the PS3 and will happily charge you money for them games you already own, after seeing how successful VC has been for Nintendo.

2. Sega will release more DC rehashes, bringing back their glory years for a new generation, whilst also chucking out some decent new titles based on old IPs.

3. Microsoft will cut the price of Xbox Live.

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Sony will bring out a sony ericsson plugin for the PS3 that turns it into the ultimate convergence device. This device will include a ringtone package with the worst ringtones ever seen by man.

Sales rocket.

Micro$oft will release windows vista for the 360 which will solve complaints that the pad is no good for an FPS.

PC gamers slag off the bendyness of the 360 case.

Nintendo realise the Wii is too small and release a slot in adapter that turns it into five times the size of a PS3 with an external PSU the same size as the PS3.

People realise you can say 30GB PS3 without having to say Stock Keeping Unit after it.

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1. Nintendo will gradually shift further and further to the casual side of gaming because they know it's more profitable to churn out low budget braingames and traininggames to a huge crowd than bigbudget epics for an ever shrinking group of connaisseurs.

2. Microsoft will start pushing the 360 harder when the new chipset is in full swing. Due to improved hardware, reputation will get better and sales will increase. Slower than expected/desired though, especially considering 3.

3. Sony finally finds its stride after some pricecuts, hardware changes and game releases. They finally have a tempting alternative to the 360 and will try everything in their power to be just that. The battle begins.

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Microsoft lose a class-action suit regarding the 360's build quality; the machine is relaunched for the same price in a smaller, betterer package as a result. Upon realising they have nothing coming out for 2009, they buy Bungie back again.

Sony releases a 500GB PS3 with forteen USB ports, four legs and a functional penis, so it can rape you in your sleep. It sells 20 million units in two months.

Nintendo announce that the Wii was "just a jk K" and reveal the Nintendorb, which is disolves under the tongue and plays all games ever released on every nintendo system, except first-party titles.

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PS3 will start to steamroller everything in its path by the middle of the year. Wii struggles as the fad starts to wear off following weaker than expected sales of Wii Fit, and existing customers getting fed up of poor third-party titles. 360 consolidates its position (albeit with slightly lower sales than 2007) but fails to make any further ground in the casual/non-gamer market.

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Seabass say he joined EA to join EA Canada to help them make Fifa 2010 better.

Sony say we have lost the blu rays battle and will be including HD DVD in new model PSthree

Nintendo annouched Bungie is making Metroid Prime 4 for wii. Master Chief married Samus Aaron.

Microsoft say they had bought Titus to remake Superman 64 for xbox 360.

Bill Gates say he is selling up Microsoft and buy Atari

Ocean made comeback and release new platform game based on Indiana Jones new film for XBOX 3 and Playstation 360 and Nintendo Eel

Sega say we are not going to make any more racing games, tennis games and sonic games. Sega couldn't think of a game to develop.

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Sonys fortunes will continue to suffer and stutter along. Home will be massively delayed again and have a reduced feature set.

There will still be no winner in the BR/HDVDD war with the public upscaling DVD's. Microsoft will still hold the middle ground whilst Nintendo come out with another leftfield hit a la Brain training and clean up.

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The rubbish PS3 installed base will make exclusives dry up; the lack of exclusives will put people off buying a PS3, and so on in a vicious cycle that will leave the PS3 with less than a third market share.

Microsoft will consolidate their 360 range so that hard drives and HDMI become standard, and will become a solid second in the sales rankings.

Microsoft will announce a cheap/free ad-supported version of Live.

Nintendo will announce a swashbuckling sword-fighting title based on the adventures of the Three Musketeers.

GTA IV will be a disaster.

The next Wii Zelda title will be announced - it'll be the first Wii game to offer a DS link-up mode, allowing a second player to help player one like the GBA link did for Windwaker.

Valve will announce a Narbacular Drop derivative for Wii, keeping the fantasy flavour that was dropped from Portal.

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Some FPS games will be released on all platforms.*

Sony will say some stuff that may not be true. *

Nintendo will release stuff to cure dementia and triple it's market share.*

Some kid will kill a bunch of people after playing a game.*

A Microsoft device will catch fire/explode/break down.*

At least one game that's highly anticipated will turn out to be shit.*

*And lots of people will get really excited and then start arguments on Internet forums.

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It's hard to see Nintendo's fortunes changing for a while yet. I think they've sold every Wii they could possibly manufacture so far and some big hitters like Mario, Fitness, Smash Bros, Mario Kart should maintain the momentum.

Halo doesn't seem to have improved the 360's sales by all that much, hopefully MS can at least cement their second place as the 360 is turning into a fantastic console. I'm really getting into this HD gaming business.

No clue what Sony are going to do. I can't believe they'll give up without a fight so we'll either get some fantastic, unmissable games or some irresistable prices. Or both.

I think it'll be a good year for gamers.

I predict we'll see the first really big selling download-only title. Possibly something Animal Crossing related on Wii.

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I was in Coventry yesterday and the Virgin store had sold out signs.

Amazing scenes, 10 months on.

Not really. No one is allowed into Coventry.

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Wii will have it's first online game, free after purchase, in the universe of Star Fox. A new Wii, even slimmer, with no need for a sensor and redesigned layout for the remote, is released in multiple colours.

360 will continue to have the cream of hardcore games. Rather than annonce a 720, Microsoft will announce Live 2.0, which offers the new console (a more streamlined 360 with added wifi functionality) free to all subscribers. Custom HD sold seperately.

PS3 fortunes will improve, but not substantially enough for developers to change habits, and Sony will look to rebrand the technolgy by incorporating a new controller device and a roster of internal developed games to take advantage of it.

GTA4 will be buggy and dissapoint. MGS4 will be a glamourous rehash and dissapoint. Ninja Gaiden 2 and Resident Evil 5 will own christmas.

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Konami will change their stance on Metal Gear 4 only appearing on PS3, in the wake of Devil May Cry.

Squaresoft will release FFXIII as an exclusive, which will sell a lot of PS3s - however, the lack of other major titles and the number available on the 360 will tarnish their invincible reputation. Many gamers will feel jaded and with Microsoft being American whilst anti-Sony sentiment fills the public consciousness the Wii will clean up.

Both HD-DVD and Blu-Ray will be a failure, along with HD TV's in the manner we have them now - too many standards, too many formats, too much for the consumer. Manufacturers will eventually settle on one format and we'll have the true HD revolution in the next console gen.

The WoW backlash will begin within the next year. People (in America) will sue Blizzard for "taking years of their life away" and this will cost Blizzard millions. The troubles faced by WoW will destroy investor confidence in the entire MMO sector, which will finally curb the number of identical MMO NON-GAMES that are in existence.

Either Live will get a clan system, or Bungie will patch Halo3 to have one.

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