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Beat Takeshi?


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the game’s final boss takes 20, 000 hits before he is defeated

Ah, so that's where Retro Studios got the idea.

I love the idea shown in the shmup stage - shoot something and it's game over (made a million times harder by the fact that it auto-fires)!

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On the other side, weren't NES licensess limited to releasing either 2 or 4 releases a year to maintain quality?

Imagine bringing out a game like that in that sort of commercial environment.

No they were limited to a maximum of 5. Which was quite a clever idea as it kept the quality up. There was an exception in that any game that scored more than 32* (out of 40*) in Nintendo's internal review system didn't count towards the 5. So you could release as many brilliant games as you like.

*I may have remembered these numbers wrongly.

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