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Super Street Fighter IV (3DS/PS3/X360)


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To all of you moaning about proportions...where have you been the last 15+ years? Street Fighter characters have always been outrageously disproportioned! I present to you exhibit A:


Now shut up. It looks great.

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I think it is too. I also think it looks preposterous in 3D.

Can you give an explanation as to why you think it looks so rubbish? I get the feeling you're expecting the 3D incarnations to adopt a more reasoned, less stylised look for the character designs.

I think stylised '2D' works very well in three dimensions, else cel-shading or its ilk would never have taken off. Just think about Wind Waker and its deliciously looney proportions.

Edit: I know this isn't really what you're saying, but I just had to post this :angry: :reviewstreetfightermoviegame-3.jpg

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I think it is too. I also think it looks preposterous in 3D.

Looks alright to me, semi-drawn style. I wish they would have went further with it, like the even more stylised trailer. But I think it was good to try to match it to the previous art and keeping it on a 2D plane while giving them the advantages of making it in 3D. Aren't you enjoying No More Heroes at the minute, which has a distinct. unusual and exaggerated art style? The direction Capcom has taken will please average Street Fighter fans who want to see an update.

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Couple more.



Supposed "facts" about the game from a brazillian blog...

The graphics aren't the way they are in the teaser that everyone watched. The game's still pretty, but it has nothing of that ink-splashing or anything. Art direction is interesting. Unlike all the other 3D fighters, SFIV is not meant to be photo realistic.

Street Fighter IV runs at 60 frames per second.

Street Fighter IV will have online play.

The game takes place after Super Street Fighter II Turbo and before SFIII. The good news is that the character roster will be made of many old-school brawlers and some entirely new ones. There are two new girls on the list. We will probably not see any SFIII characters.

The stage you saw at 1Up, if you didn't figure out, is Chun-Li's Stage from SF2.

The excellent Parry system form SFIII is gone. The new system seems to be called Saving or Revenge (we're not sure about the name). We don't know exactly how it works, but it's built around cancels. And we do know we'll have another gauge to activate the Saving/Revenge stuff, besides the usual Super Gauge.

Supers are there (although they didn't decide yet if it will be like in SSF2T or SFIII), and now they've put another moves called Ultras. These makes your character throws a auto combo with tons of moves. It's like a custom combo ... except by the custom part.

Shen Long may appear in the game. We are NOT kidding.

The consoles are not decided yet, really. But, assuming that SFIV will have online play, we can obviously think of Xbox 360 and PS3 (duh). It's very likely that we'll see an arcade version without online mode too, and our sources told us that Capcom could put some test machines in Japan arcades in Q2 next year.


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I dunno, it does look a little dodgy, but I'm still hoping in motion it'll look nice; the clothes look like they move, etc.

To eb fair, the most important part is how it plays. Can they get a 2D feel with 3D graphics? I fucking hope so... Losing parries is a massive shame as well :angry:

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