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Super Street Fighter IV (3DS/PS3/X360)


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And more:

Air blocking: I have no idea.

Once again, I can confirm the rest of the big rumors though.

I know a few tidbits of storyline information, if you want it:

The game apparently takes place one year after SF4.

If you remember, Dudley was searching for a rare car. In SSF4, he's searching for a Rose!

T.Hawk's storyline apparently revolves around him protecting Juni (or Juli, I don't remember which exactly) since she was a member of his tribe who got brainwashed by Shadowloo.

Ibuki apparently has a "run" command. Feels weird to me, but hey.

Dudley has new chains (10, up one from 3s).

Cody's knife and such are in. My source seems to think one of his Ultras requires his knife to be in hand.

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Everyone has 2 Ultras

I was wondering about this; with the introduction of SFIII and SF Alpha folk, how will they decide which Super Arts/ISM moves to carry over? I'll be miffed if I have to start learning Ibuki's air super or something (I was always an SAIII person...)

Or will they just have all-new supers?

EDIT: apologies if this has already been answered

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Had an epic session this afternoon, had great fun learning Abel while fighting my regular SFIV rival. Got pretty decent towards the end I think. Abel has some really nasty tricks up his sleeve, his elbow launcher is a brilliant move! Easy to combo into his super, ultra or just a simple anti-air throw. Beautiful!

Went into challenge mode afterwards and got up to his last challenge and... crossup mk to c.mp to lp change of direction FADC into c.hp into ULTRA is incredibly satisfying to pull off.

It's actually surprising how many times I've been back to this, only to be surprised by how fresh it seems when you really get into learning a new character. :(

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