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Deus Ex: Human Revolution


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It was announced on a Quebec TV show (in French) many months ago but barely anyone took any notice. Warren Spector commented on it in an interview and spoke positively about the attitude of the team behind it.

I've got a feeling it might be alright, it's nice to see things are moving forward a bit with this trailer. Very spine-tingling with the music.

This & the likelihood of STALKER on 360 has made my day.

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The second one wasn't shit by any stretch of the imagination.

Anyone who thinks otherwise should be herded into some sort of special camp and...disposed of.

Not really, but y'know.

No, it wasn't shit, but it wasn't really very good either, was it? I mean, really. Compared to the first, that is. Or should I just remove the rose-tinted specs?

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from the looks of the images it takes place some time after a war where augmentation is now illegal and the few maybe that survived the war ....and thats where i blank lol. Not sure what the maths picture thingy is about though.

Ill just assume it takes place after the first 2.

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Shame there's no Alexander Brandon on board this time, even if they did include his music in the trailer :)

I want this to be great. Deus Ex 1 is my favourite game of all time. But I'm not going to get my hopes up. No way.

Amen to that, it and System Shock 2 still give me hours of fun.

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