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Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread


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Looks like i was using the wrong stuff. i got some with the chloroxylenol. question: do i need to thin it down as it suggests for cleaning?

I never thinned dettol. I kept it in a tub and reused it until it became too dirty. Just make sure to wear gloves otherwise it will mess up your skin.

2-3 hours?! Please post a guide.

I can do a tutorial on the Zombicide stuff if you want.

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I never thinned dettol. I kept it in a tub and reused it until it became too dirty. Just make sure to wear gloves otherwise it will mess up your skin.

Cheers for that, Cocky. I did some googling last week and got some guides (and some latex gloves). I have no idea what the guy used to cover them all, but the detal was filhty twice over. I soaked them for 24 hours, but not everything came off, even after a good scrub, and the dettol was a black oily goo, so I soaked them for another 24 hours with fresh dettol. This time everything did come off, but the dettol was the same goopy mess.

Anyway, these are the first space marines I'm seeing up close since about 1996, and I'm amazed at how much better they are now. So much more detail. I'm deciding on what chapter to paint these guys, currently tossing up between Sons of Orar and Raven Guard. I reckon Raven Guard, but with a slightly different colour scheme. The whole 'black all over thing' doesn't really appeal to me. I'll posts results when I finish them.

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Well, I don't usually do a big buy of figures, but wanted to get some stuff to paint up nicely and put up for sale. Hence a trip to the Forgeworld site beckoned...






are gonna be with me shortly.

Wanted to paint all of these buggers, and quite honestly the only way to do it is to sell 'em afterwards...£120 on little figures which are not ones I've commissioned for my own business is a bit of an extravagence!

Can't bloody wait to get them :D

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Anyone want an Ultramarins chapter? Only seven grand.


This collection includes 1 box of Marneus Calgar and Honour Guard; 1 Chief Librarian Tigurius; 1 Chaplain Cassius; 1 Space Marine Captain in Terminator Armour; 1 Space Marine Terminator Chaplain; 1 Captain Sicarius; 1 box of Space Marine Masters of the Chapter; 1 Space Marine Captain: Lord Executioner; 1 Space Marine Captain: Master of the Marches; 1 Space Marine Captain: Master of the Rites; 1 Space Marine Captain: Master of Relics; 3 Space Marine Command Squads; 2 Space Marine Librarians; 1 Space Marine Librarian in Terminator Armour; 1 Space Marine Librarian with staff & book; 1 Space Marine Librarian with Force Sword and Bolt Pistol; 1 Space Marine Librarian with Force Axe and Plasma Pistol; 3 Space Marine Chaplains with Crozius and Power Fist; 3 Space Marine Chaplains with skull helmet; 1 Space Marine Chaplain with Crozius and Bolt Pistol; 1 Space Marine Chaplain with Crozius and Plasma Pistol; 1 Space Marine Chaplain with Jump Pack; 8 Space Marine Terminator Squads; 4 Space Marine Terminator Close Combat Squads; 4 Space Marine Vanguard Veteran Squads; 4 Space Marine Sternguard Veteran Squads; 39 Space Marine Tactical Squads; 47 Space Marine Rhinos; 4 Space Marine Drop Pods; 14 Space Marine Assault Squads; 14 Space Marine Devastator Squads; 12 Space Marine Centurion Devastator Squads; 4 Space Marine Razorbacks; 2 Space Marine Techmarines; 4 Space Marine Thunderfire Cannons; 7 Space Marine Dreadnoughts; 5 Space Marine Ironclad Dreadnoughts; 1 Space Marine Sergeant Chronus; 7 Space Marine Land Raiders; 3 Space Marine Land Raider Crusader/Redeemers; 7 Space Marine Stalker/Hunters; 2 Space Marine Vindicators; 5 Space Marine Predators; 3 Space Marine Whirlwinds; 3 Stormraven Gunships; 7 Space Marine Stormtalon Gunships; 13 Space Marine Bike Squads; 1 Space Marine Bike; 5 Space Marine Attack Bikes; 11 Space Marine Land Speeders; 1 Space Marine Sergeant Telion; 10 boxes of Space Marine Scouts; 4 boxes of Space Marine Scouts with Sniper Rifles; 5 Space Marine Land Speeder Storms; and 6 Space Marine Strikeforces.

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Only seven grand.

Only seven grand in the UK. In Australia where the exchange rate would make it $12,950 the price is...(drum roll, please) ... $17,645. One grand more and it would liable to pay incme tax.

This is the main reason GW is losing a lot of ground to other systems in Aus.

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I keep messing up my attempts at writing a zombicide tutorial so instead this is a post I wrote for another forum that describes how I paint:

For this demonstration I am going to paint one of the old metal wood elves. This is quite a tricky model due to the layers of clothing and some care needs to be taken to create a balanced composition.

I've chosen an Autumn theme so oranges and reds will be the dominant colours. With this in mind my first paint selection is bloodstone from P3 which is a warm orange/brown. To complement this my second base colour is military green from vallejo model colour. My final base colour is midlund flesh (p3) for the skin tone.

To expand my palette I then add my "go to" paints of:

dark sea green (vmc) - dark blue/green

hull red (vmc) - dark red

frostbite (p3) - pastel blue

menoth white highlight (p3) - ivory

umbral umber (p3) - umber

with these paints I can just about highlight and shade almost any other colour. I then proceed to mix these together on my palette. I use a wet palette partly out of necessity - it's very hot here and my paints would dry out very quickly otherwise - and also because I like to have all of my paints available throughout.

This is my starting palette:


For priming I would ideally use the preshading technique whereby I prime first grey and then do an overhead spray of white. I've been having problems with this, I think because of the high humidity, with the priming leaving a grainy/furry texture. For my main painting I am now using only grey primer but for the purposes of this demonstration I have preshaded the model


Once the primer is dry I basecoat all of the model with the aim of covering in two layers. After the first layer I review the overall balance of the colours and make any adjustments with the subsequent layer. In this case I didn't like the pale red I had used as I felt it drew the eye away from the face and towards the lower half of the mini. I also added some yellow to my palette for the hair to add a little variety. At this stage the preshading is still quite noticable.



For the shading I prefer to use complementary mixes of the basecolours rather than a straight dark colour. So for the green and red I used a mix of green and red! For orange I used an orange and green/blue mix.

I thinned the paint a little more and applied it neatly as a glaze. I try to avoid any pooling by picking up small amounts of paint at a time and using the brush to push the paint into the shadow areas.

I use the preshading and an overhead lamp to work out where to place the shadows.

I added further shading using very thin military green and dark sea green mix. The general idea is that cold colours will appear further away and by using this temperature difference I can add more contrast.


Before I added the highlights I did some thin glazes of the base colours to smooth the transitions and to bring out the colour following the shading.


The highlighting is done in a reverse of the shading. I use warm mixes and push the paint towards the light. This again takes a couple of layers.



I still need to finish off the final details and the base but hopefully this gives you an idea of my approach. To get the model to this stage took less than two hours and that included a couple of breaks and having to stop to take photos. Apart from the graininess I think it's an acceptable tabletop standard. If I wanted a higher standard I would do a lot more glazes, switching between dark and light, for smoother transitions and add more detail by working on increasingly smaller sections.

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Awesome, thanks for that Cocky. As it would happen after I finish this dwarf army I have a wood elf one still in the box I was planning on painting with an autumn feel. I hope you do't mind if I steal your pallette ;) DOn't worry, the end result will look nothing like yours. They'll probably be barely recognisable as miniratures.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Right, doing a Forgeworld Praetor at the mo'. Had hoped to at finish it for Gamesday - just so I could at least put something in, but as this is being sold I didn't want to rush it and bugger it up. Gamesday is going to be an expensive one for me - too much Forgeworld stuff I want to pick up. At least I have the fortune to paint up lovely things and flog 'em at the end, so whilst it'll take a while it will (hopefully) pay for itself :)

Anyway, here's where we are so far - not too bad for a few hours work I guess...




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Ah, they did remind me of the LOTR figures, I should have guessed. Just haven't looked at GW figures for a good while (thanks to the exorbitant pricing), and had forgotten about their newer Hobbit ranges.

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The GW LOTR and Hobbit ranges are lovely, easily the best range they've done in... decades? Possibly ever, IMO. But their prices are just ridiculous. In Australia they're charging $45 for single miniatures, which is around 24 pound, when on the UK GW site they're 12 pounds. They're just too expensive, otherwise I'd have a whole army of them.

I do have the LOTR Galadhrim cavalry for my elf army, though. The best elf cavalry I've ever seen, they're great.

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Yeah, that's why I used to collect the LOTR armies (Gondor, pictures should be a few years back in this or the miniatures thread) - lovely, lovely models, and they used to be affordable (in the UK) - £12 for a pack of 24 plastics. No more.

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With the recent GW share price drop (28% at the last check) rumours are of course flying everywhere, and I'm wondering (hoping?) if the individual IPs are going to be sold off. I'm kind've hoping they are and with a price drop from the take over company... but that's just me. Maybe GW will realise they've put the buy-in price too high and change accordingly.

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It is. GW have been losing a lot of market share down here (do you guys have single-man GW stores in the UK?), for obvious reasons.

I don't want to turn this into a GW whinge (I really do like many of the models), but a final example. The Astartes Ultra deal for a full SM chapter on the GW site is $17,500 (around 2,200 pounds more than the UK site), but in the US it's $9,500US, but the US and AU dollar are close to parity. If you were to book a return flight to LA from Australia, have a week's holiday in Los Angeles, buy the Ultra pack and take it back to Australia it would still be cheaper than buying it in Aus.

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What saved me is being introduced to Taobao.com. The site has some knock off stores, but also some GW chinese resellers. If you can find out which are which you can get some good deals.

For example, the three box of Tree Kin in Aus are around $95, I got the same for $55 delivered.

But yeah, I think Cocky hit the nail on the head. I think GW have finally hit the point where the buy-in for new (mostly young) customers is too high and existing customers either have everything they need or have moved on.

Anyway, I'm nearly done with thie Mantic Dwarf army. When that's completed have an Elf army waiting, complete with Galadhrim knights, dryads and treekin. I can't wait to get to them.

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