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Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread


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The owner of the independent store I buy from, was told there's a 6-9 month lead on the none model parts for Cursed City. And presumably with pandemic stuff going on there was limited as amount that was made.


His estimation (and I don't think he has any secret knowledge) is that it'll be a year before there's another run.


Some of the models however look like they may make up some sort of "Start Collecting" box so expect to see them separate at some point.

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First game of Cursed City in the bag.  I'll stick some deeper thoughts in the 'What Are You Playing?' thread tomorrow, but the short version is I really like it.  The core mechanics are pretty straight forward but there are a number of interesting systems going on which liven it up somewhat.  Plus it looks great on the table, which is always a boon. 


While I usually find my feelings align with his I think that Joel's negative thoughts on Drive Thru were wide of the mark this time, and I'm more inclined to hop aboard the Guerilla Miniatures Gaming hype train.  I'm looking forward to sinking my teeth into the next journey.



Sinking my teeth! Bwahahahahahahahahaha.


(not a game spoiler)

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Further thoughts on Cursed City.  I realised I'd been playing enemy deployment incorrectly and making it harder (but more exciting!) for myself.  Starting again, and playing with the rules as written I'm afraid I went through one of those massive boring spells people have been reporting.  I had an hour and a half of just smashing enemies as soon as they appeared, with absolutely zero challenge last night. This in turn led to an extremely lengthy Hunt journey which I ended up pausing out of sheer boredom and coming back to today. 


I'm pleased to say the remainder of the journey was much more exciting with a couple of really cool mid-game crises (small narrative side-missions), and the counter hit nightfall which presents you with considerably tougher enemies from that point on. So it has the potential to drag, certainly early on when you're drawing weak enemy groups, and to be rather swingy in terms of challenge and interest. To be fair, you could also level this criticism at some of the other WHQ games.  I see people over on BGG already working on some very professional looking tables/cards/mechanics to counter this somewhat and of course I've accidentally discovered that simply speeding up enemy spawns helps hugely.


I really like the core mechanics though and that's what matters because adjusting the challenge won't be difficult.  As well as the above, I could try always drawing enemies in their empowered state, or even drawing hostile groups a level or two higher on the encounter cards.  Deeper thoughts to be deployed once I've sampled the other journey types. Betcha can't wait!


Edit - Deliverance missions are fun!  Old school Quest.

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8 hours ago, And said:

What’s with the creosote? And how does it come off again?


Oh right, sorry.  It's AK Interactive dark brown wash. That's the main weathering component. It's taken off by dabbing it with a q tip soaked in white spirit.

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@Andit's the same stuff ive been banging on about for literally 3 years in this this and the scale modelling thread. :P enamels.  Top tip @Mikes dont use qtips, they're a pain in the arse, get threads everywhere and are too abrasive. just use a soft brush, dry it on paper between each "pass" on the model after you clean it.


I however have boycotted AK Interactive and their products after the holocaust incident. Fuck those guys. Moving the vast majority of my toolset over to Ammo by Mig Jimanez's paint line.

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15 minutes ago, Nicky said:

  Top tip @Mikes dont use qtips, they're a pain in the arse, get threads everywhere and are too abrasive. just use a soft brush, dry it on paper between each "pass" on the model after you clean it.


I used a mixture of the two. I found the brush though, as soft as it was, washed the wash away. The qtip left a pleasing dabbled effect, though. but yeah, I only used them on open, flat armour sections, using the brush for fiddly, hard to get to bits. Top stuff, though. I'm already planning on using it for other projects.


16 minutes ago, Nicky said:

I however have boycotted AK Interactive and their products after the holocaust incident


The what now?

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ha yeah... they decided they were going to release a book that showed you how to make a Nazi death shower scene, how to paint your own zyklon B (and purchase models of it), how to model rwandan genocide scenes and more. But you may think that "well...military modellers have been making dioramas for decades" yes. true, but not a "use AK Interactives Weathering pencils to achieve lifelike scratches of the dying women and children" etc they were basically using scenes of the worst of humanity to sell not only a book, but a guide on what products they sell to achieve the effects in the book.  That's not all. they did a really edgy advertising campaign with stolen music from Audio Jungle with the fucking watermark still in it AND oh yeah footage of the nazi's bulldozering naked corpses in to a mass grave. This was all over zombie flick styled graphics and slogans.

needless to say everyone went fucking ballistic, and AK were deleting posts telling them that they'd made a mistake. they then posted a typical non-apology that made everything even worse before EVENTUALLY issuing a proper statement.

They "toned down" the book with a new edit, taking the worst of the material out.but it's still for sale, and hey...all PR is good PR right????!!

There's missing the mark of taste, and then there's the dogshit that AK Interactive did. On my streams i blacked out all AK interactive logos on the remainder of the products i have from them and have been replacing them with like-for-like alternatives from Ammo By Mig.

you can stop here if you're done with learning about why AK are twats. but read on for why Ammo by Mig gets support from me.

This is not the first time AK have been cunts.  Ak was founded by Mig Jimanez, and his business partner. some things went wrong and allegedly Mig's business partner didnt write Mig into the business ownership documentation or something and ended up booting Mig from his own company. Not only that, but AK kept Mig Productions brand and stil use it to this day.  Mig Jimanez if you dont know is a world class military modeller and educator. he was the face and driving force behind AK.


So what is Ammo By Mig? Ammo by mig is Mig Jimanez's current company. it is not affiliated with AK Interactive, and it is not the same as Mig Productions. Mig Productions is a brand of AK. of which they keep around because people don't know.


Mig Jimanez has had it tough. His wife died a year ago from a brain tumour, and she was his muse, she went to every show, was his driving force into keeping up with modelling. He set up a foundation in her memory the Ammo for Life



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Jesus H.... I read up on it, and yeah... tone deaf doesn't begin to cover it. Well, thanks for bringing it up. The products are great, but I will always vote with my wallet. Do you have a direct equivalent for the dakr brown wash i would check out?

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Wait, are hell-blasters not core? Fucks

sake. I just painted mine to use in the crusade we are planning. 

Invaders look rubbish though. Outriders look like they’ll do work though. You get 19 attacks between them on the charge. Bought a chaplain on bike to go with them. 

Edit - jus checked - HB are core, why do you think they’re sub optimal? Haven’t played with mine yet but each time I’ve come up against them they’ve made their points back. 

I’ve so many sub optimal units I can’t see a use for in a game that came in boxes. Suppressors and reivers I’m looking at you. 

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On 22/04/2021 at 04:03, Mikes said:

Chipping done.








No onto the pelts.

i appreciate the 2 stage chipping a lot, however i'd possibly look at adding a little brown to your base colour blue so its less contrasted. you could settle the fresher chips in a little with a 30% grime to 70% thinner mix as a filter. so the blue doesnt drag your attention away from overall lovely toning of the miniature. make sure to matt or satin varnish the model if you do want to do that, before you filter over the top, so you dont aggetate the layers underneath and spoil the existing grime work

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