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Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread


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3 hours ago, Fallows said:


I would be too. Unfortunately I'm not single.

Married with two kids - I'll never get it signed off.


But nostalgia...

10 hours ago, ScouserInExile said:

PM me an offer. I'd rather it went to someone on here. 


I think you could get £300+ for it looking at kits in worse shape on eBay.


I cannae really justify that at the min.

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If anyone's looking to reduce their pile of Sigmar-related shame I'd be interested in taking some specifc stuff off your hands.


My problem is I only need a handful of certain types for a custom WH Quest campaign, so I'm after an odds and sods factions mixture including;


Warning - BIG shopping list



3 x Plague Monks

3 x Clanrats

1 x Grey Seer

1 x Rat Ogre

1 x Deathrunner

6 x Giants Rats



6 x Squigs


Brayherd / Beast

3 x Ungor Raiders

3 x Gors

1 x Bestigor

1 x Great Bray Shaman



4 x Bloodletters

6 x Blood Warriors

1 x Flesh Hound

1 x Skullreaper

1 x Wraithmonger

1 x Exhaulted Deathbringer

1 x Aspiring Deathbringer

1 x Slaughterpriest

1 x Skullgrinder



3 x Nurglings

3 x Nugling Swarms

3 x Plaguebearers

1 x Herald of Nurgle



1 x Flamers of Tzeench

1 x Screamers of Tzeench

1 x Tzaangor Enlightended

1 x Tzangor Skyfire

1 x Blue Scribe

1 Tzeench Magister



3 x Darkoath Warriors

1 x Chaos Warrior

1 x Lord of Chaos



3 x Savage Orruks

4 x Orruk Ardboys

1 x Oruk Brute

1 x Wurrgog Prophet

1 x Ironjawz Boss



3 x Chainrasps

3 x Crypt Ghouls

3 x Myourmourn Banshees

3 x Glaivewraith stalkers

1 x Crypt Horror

1 x Deathmage Necromancer

1 x Wight King

1 x Ghoul King

1 x Banshee Queen

1 x Fell Bat Swarm


Or if anyone wants to offload the Underworlds models (no cards needed) for;


Sepulchral Guard

Ironskull’s Boyz

Spiteclaw’s Swarm

Magore’s Fiends

Thorns of the Briar Queen

Godsworn Hunt

Grashrak’s Despoilers

Hedkrakka’s Madmob,

Khagra’s Ravagers,

Lady Harrow’s Mournflight,

The Grymwatch


On sprue, already assembled, it doesn't matter - unpainted though as I'd rather do that myself.


No surprise that Ebay is a complete cess pit for this sort of thing, where 4 or 5 singles will cost you just as much as a full boxed set. 🤯

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That’s a proper treasure trove!


It’s a bit later than my main period of GW interest but there will be demand for all of that I think, especially if in decent condition. I’ve always been intrigued by Block Mania as I’m an old 2000AD fan. 

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1 hour ago, Sardan said:

OMG just spotted the Mighty Fortress on the far left! That’s worth a lot. 

Only sold for £90 in the end. I later saw it sell for £160, though, like my actual one, the guy clearly saw a bargain, bought it and put it straight back on eBay. So I think I was just unlucky with my timing. 


1 hour ago, Sardan said:

I’ve always been intrigued by Block Mania as I’m an old 2000AD fan. 

That's how we ended up with it. The whole Block Mania leading into the Apocalypse War storyline was my favourite back when I read 2000AD. 


It's all there, though both Block Mania and Mega Mania are currently in the same box, and the boxes seem in fairly good condition, considering their age. If you want to buy them off me, drop me a PM and we can work something out. 

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Finished this war suit today, and I have a lot of painting to do, having built everything I have. 

Haven’t quite decided on colours yet, am I really creating a problem for myself if I spray everything black? I have some grey seer spray, but not sure what I want to do light colours yet. 





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On 21/02/2022 at 08:50, Mikes said:

I bought the files. Will update here when I get them printed.


Actually I'm going to hold off getting them printed just yet. He just released the files for the missile launcher and said blank shoulder pads were also on the way, which i really want. So I'll wait and get them all done at once time.






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28 minutes ago, Mikes said:

Each to their own. But I'd rather have my big scary units be big and scary. And I say this as a friend of someone who was beaten up by midgets.


I was more commenting on the relative scale. Sure, the up thread comparison of the Captain in Gravis armour against a much earlier Terminator model (1st edition) looks weird.


But then that Terminator would also look weird next to the latest sculpts available. Wolf Guard in Terminator armour look fierce, even next to Primaris and even next to that same Captain sculpt.


From a practical point of view I'm not sure what GW should do. Cut off all the old sculpts and there will be much unhappiness. Replace them with new sculpts and there will be much unhappiness. Keep everything the same and there will be much unhappiness.


In the grim darkness of Warhammer, there is only unhappiness. 

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