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Games Workshop, An Appreciation Thread


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Finished the Corpse Cart commission. The customer wanted the corpses/zombies to be an olive green to match his army. Wouldn’t have been my choice but he is happy with the pix so job done I guess. :)










It wasn’t the most interesting model I’ve ever painted but it was another good exercise in turning a commission around efficiently and to the right standard. I’m charging £100, and I reckon I got quite close to completing it in 10 hours, but it’s so hard to measure as I was constantly dipping in and out of other projects alongside it. Things like actually building the model always take longer than I expect, but at the same time I did it with a tray on the sofa while watching telly, so it hardly seems like work. 


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8 minutes ago, The Bag said:

That looks great, not 100% accurate but who cares it definitely more than reads as a shiny glass/gem/translucent ball.  Loving these lizardmen you're doing.

Thanks! Yeah, I’m really enjoying them! Never would have picked them to paint  myself, but now I’ve taken this commission I kinda want to do more!


I think the rear looks marginally better, but both of them look better IRL, when of course it’s only ever going to be some distance away.



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42 minutes ago, feltmonkey said:

Yeah, that looks really good.  It sells the effect beautifully.

Thanks dude. I’m on the bit that scares me the most atm - the brightest skin highlights. 



I’m trying to be brave but my first pass of the most extreme highlights (Ulthuan grey) was a bit clumsy, so I knocked it back with a glaze, then had another go. Quite happy with this one now.

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To be honest, going in with a bright highlight, glazing it back to smooth the transition, then reiterating the brightest area is something I do all the time on purpose (more or less.)


A good rule of thumb with highlights in general is to get to a point where you think it's done, then go one shade brighter (over an even smaller area, of course).  It takes a bit of bravery, and sometimes can end up bad, but more often than not that extra bit of contrast really adds to a model.

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Yes, it’s something I often end up doing, but if you’re not deliberate with it I can find myself chasing my tail in a cycle of highlight/knock back/highlight again/knock back again etc.


Fortunately I think it’s turned out ok this time. Calling this guy done:73593C68-3307-4811-92B5-E91F32B4DB65.thumb.jpeg.297151b9751deab858e7677178a1abb2.jpeg



Particularly enjoyed doing this little frog:





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Looks great @Davros sock drawer


One thing to consider is that contrast perception is non-linear and context sensitive; the more contrast you paint the less noticeable the individual layers become. I don't bother with blending until the end if at all as the perceived contrast at the beginning is exaggerated due to the lower overall contrast.

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I've only got Escher (posted earlier in the thread), currently working through Delaque. 


We played last night. We need to stop playing the skirmish scenario, because it is getting very dull. Games are taking > 2 hours with us looking up all the rules, and actual death/murder/victory seems incredibly hard to come by at times. Both games going on had the same, so it's not just me!


Anyway, my game was very funny.




TURN ONE MOVE ONE: My Escher champion attempts to make a small jump down to a wall across to a ladder to get a good line of sight across the map towards the Cawdor scum. Her heavy stubber gun is a bit cumbersome, but she's confident she can make it. She elegantly steps down on to the wall, then moves to step to the floor.


The ammo belt off of her weapon becomes entangled with her legs, and she falls flat on her face.


TURN ONE MOVE THREE: Having spotted my leader moving down the side of the map with her entourage, a molotov wielding Cawdor ganger launches their bottle through the air, exploding perfectly at the feet of all three of them. One is immediately consumer in flames, and runs towards the enemy in a panic. The other two are luckily saved from the burning holy flames, but now pinned in the corridor.


TURN ONE MOVE EIGHT: Having grouped around around the fallen champion to mock her, 3 of my gangers look on with horror as a Cawdor ganger peers up at them from below and pours molten flame across two of them. The first, burning brightly, runs off the end of the platform and lies in a screaming, smouldering heap at his feet. The other runs in a slightly different direction. The third ganger counts their lucky stars they were around the corner a little bit.


Then another Cawdor steps around the corner, sets the first two on fire some more, and her as well.


Things didn't really get much better after that. I managed to bounce grenades all over the map but not on purpose. The miss mechanic for grenades is absolutely panic inducing as it can bounce back at you.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Anyone using the new Contrast or Shade paints? I’ve only tried a few - the new Black Legion is so opaque it’s basically a perfectly mixed black base paint. Perfect for base rims if nothing else!

One I really like though is the Kroak Green Shade paint. It’s given me my new favourite recipe for green zombies/ghosts: Base coat Ironrach Skin, Wash Kroak Green, re-layer Ironrach, highlight Deepkin Flesh (which is also the highlight on the blue areas here, for continuity/blending):




Wish I’d had that recipe before I did the corpse cart!


I also finally finished the Starblood Stalkers commission. A few elements got away from me a bit, but overall I enjoyed painting them:



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