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Oil painting

Number 28

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Sweet. How have you not run out of paint yet, with those tiny tubes? ;)

If that white spirit is stinking your house out, and making you feel a bit dizzy, I would recommend getting some odourless sansodor. I keep saying that... sansodor, sansodor, sansodor! I have shares in Sansodor Plc. :(

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Any art/craft shop that sells oils should have some in stock. You could also try online if you don't know of anywhere local.

First result from google seems decent enough -

<a href="http://www.fredaldous.co.uk/shop-online/wandn-sansodor.htm" target="_blank">http://www.fredaldous.co.uk/shop-online/wandn-sansodor.htm</a>

I paid about that much for 500ml in a shop, but yeah.

Btw, any science/photography nuts know where I can get filter papers? Like, round things you pop into funnels in a conical shape? I had some but i've run out... because the oil paint actually sinks to the bottom, you can separate the stuff and recycle the sansodor. Useful. :(

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Son of a... incredible stuff! :P

So is that you? Looks really familiar.

P.S. Are you Hemz bro? :wub:

Haha. Thanks, though your paintings are like 100 times better ^_^

Well it was meant to be me but I think a couple of the proportions went a bit funky so it's a bit hard to tell...oh well, practice makes perfect or something like that.

And yes I am :(

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You reckon? I think yours is better personally, but then that's typical isn't it...artists tend to have a love/hate relationship with their stuff, so i'm told...but i'm actually bit gutted here! Still, nout like a healthy bit of competition to spur oneself! You're goin down bitch. :P

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