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Big Brother: Celebrity Hijack

Triple A

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It is on E4.

Some of the women are very hot, if a bit young. Esp. my fave so far (hotness-wise only, mind): the Oxford Art Girl.

It's quite amusing, they've all been really shy about getting their bikinis on for the hot tub, because they're 19-20 and still a bit insecure, rather than fame seeking celeb chasers in their mid 20s you usually get who strip off at any opportunity. This despite the fact they mostly have perfect bodies.

I do feel bad for the big scottish bloke though- most of the other guys in there are all in exceptional shape, where he is a fat dude. One is a professional boxer, another a professional circus performer and so on- yikes.

I have no idea if the series will be any good - I actually don't like the kind of 'cringertainment' the hijack provides. But watching the interactions, especially between young, quite insecure and inexperienced people, all of whom are 'swots' in their respective fields will be very interesting I think.

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I was expecting this to be really shit but found myself laughing all the way through the launch show - in a good way. Great entertainment.

I like the dynamic of having some people in there who are actually smart and self-assured, rather than the usual brainless morons they populate the house with.

How long does it run for?

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Can't see any way that this can be good. Obviously they started out with their 'best' celeb, and all he could do was a watered down Chris Morris / 'My New Best Friend' spin. And that's probably as funny as it could ever be.

With BB, what makes it good is people relaxing around each other, becoming unguarded and creating their own interesting interactions. With this, the celebs have to be at the forefront or there's no point them being there - and how good would BB be if what you saw was 90% Big Brother / 10% Housemates, which is what happened on Thursday?

C4 have really fucked up with this. If no celebrities dare to go on Celebrity Big Brother any more, then it should be scrubbed, simple as that.

Also, the pair who are going to present Big Mouth are cunts.

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