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Team 6 - The Jägermeisters


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Meerman / Meerman - only weekends (friday nights, saturday nights, sunday nights EARLY).

Smith77 / Smith77 - most nights, unless the missus or kids are stopping him from logging on.

larrydavidsanger / fizzybenilyn - thursdays, or other days when notified early.

pompey88 / Pompey88 - weekends.

wige1001 / wigE - weds/sat/sun night after 8pm, with early notice.


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We're always going for hardcore.

I was just on the phone with Smith and he almost gave me a heart attack! He swapped his copy of CoD4 against a mate's copy of PGR4 + steering wheel! "A good trade", I said, "but what about the tournament?", I asked. "Oh I'll get myself a 2nd-hand copy of CoD4 before the weekend", he replied.

PHEW! ;)

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Guys, what is your weapon of choice? Any skilled snipers in this team? Smith can handle himself well with a rifle, but I'm too shakey and nervous. I'm an assault rifleman first and foremost and prefer the M14 above anything else. Support guns also get some usage in my hands. It would be nice if we had a nicely balanced team, weapons-wise.

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Please, everyone who hasn't, post your general availability, as accurate as you can get it for every week.

This should then be put into the first post in the thread like so:



This will help with organising games a great deal. Thanks. Matches to start next week.

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Right guys, small announcement from Smith's neck of the woods: he's cut off his internet connection due to some bureaucratic mishap of his ISP.

He should be back before the weekend, he reckons.

Can you guys play team Cool & the Gang on Sunday?

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I'm struggling.

Me box is due back any day now but can't say for any certainty I'll be about Sunday.

MIGHT have the option of nabbing my brothers 360 for sunday - which I will if I can...

Also, my laptop broke the other say so only way I can get on here is through my work pc!!!

I'll be in touch though.

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Actually nobody else on my team other than strawp seems to be about, and I cant do 9pm, so I think we'll have to postpone. I can do tomorrow

Ah that's good because i'm round my mates at the moment. Not sure if i can do tomorrow but will let Meerman know.

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