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Team 6 - The Jägermeisters


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Nice! Full team roster of 5 then, Jimmy! We're set!

So wigs, got your 360 back, eh?

Nope. Brother is lending me his ;)

I'll be about Sunday, but doubt i'll be about much before, and havent played for god knows how longs so gonna be proper rusty.

Not a good thing when your taking Jimmy on.. :lol:

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Oh bugger.

We definitely need to play together more often, guys. That TDM game went incredibly well for a while. We certainly have team potential, we just need more time together to hone our skills.

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I just heard that I have to go to the other side of the country for a week (excl. the weekend) for work. This means that I most likely won't be home in time for Friday's match (let alone play at weekday nights, ffs ;)) so you guys have to carry on without me. Maybe we can get Rogue Soul as a replacement?

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This is going tits up, I fear. My job threw a spanner in the works for me, and now fizzy won't be available until Monday. :(

I am home this weekend, though. Can we postpone to Saturday night?

*Might* be at a party Saturday night, but not sure if it's going ahead yet, if not then I'm in.

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Last message before I'm off; Can one of you take communications over for me and make sure this match can go on on Friday night? Message Smith on XBL if needed to ask for his availability. Pompey? Wigs?

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With 3 (maybe 4) games being unplayed this week for various reasons, I've decided to delay normal fixtures next week for them to be played. The games are:

Sexy Owls in Hats vs VSF

Kelly's Heroes vs The Wolf Pack

Team Cool and the Gang vs Homicider

and possibly

Team Pink vs Jaegermeisters

Teething problems let's hope. An extra week to play these games then let's hope we can get more organised. Might need a rethink, perhaps an earlier release of fixtures perhaps and some more vigilant PMing from certain ones...

Let's start organising the above games ASAP.

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That's what you get for partaking in 2 different tournaments! :wub:

It's okay. We played 3v3 and got DOC NI as a replacement. You were a bit late letting us know, though. Fizzy told us a few days ago that he couldn't play this weekend, and I've not heard from wigE at all. :wub:

Not aimed at you specifically, Pompey, as I know you are online on the forum and XBL on a daily basis, but I do have to ask you guys if you can go through with this league at all? Because for me, playing a league match is like having an appointment, so I tend to give it priority to other things. After all, it won't take longer than an hour.

I'm just really dedicated to playing these games, is all. :)

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Yeah I know was quite late, but to be honest I don't think i actually said I could play this Friday. (Mainly because I didn't know and forgot about the FIFA league). Also It was quite confusing as Littlejoe was arranging to play Saturday, yesterday. So I was busy trying to arrange for Saturday, as you can see a few posts up!

Then for him to sunddenly post the game was actually going ahead last night, I was like Oh!

Should have let you know earlier though! Sorry mate, I'm the same Meerman I'm really enjoying this league so definatly going through with this. :)

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