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Team 6 - The Jägermeisters


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I can make tonight, i'll message the team and see if if i can get them in, shall we say 8pm?

*Contacted my team, Jameson and Choddo said they can make it. So we've got 3 so far, I imagine Basty should be good too.

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Guys, can we still be arsed with this league? At the top of this page I asked you if you could play on the Sunday (more than a week ago now) and 2 days later there still wasn't an answer. Looks like interest in the league has disappeared so let's make a decision here; step out of the league or continue? Smith and I'd like to go on.

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Games to played between now and Sunday the 8th June.

Teams named first are home.

I've prepared a poll in Doodle that won't take you a minute to complete. If someone on each team could pm the link to your other team members that'd be great. Saturday and Sunday times are blank for obvious reasons, times you can play should be posted in comments/thread.

Team 6 (The Jagermeisters) v

Team 2 (Team Cool and the Gang)

Doodle link

Team 5 (Very Special Forces) v

Team 8 (The Wolf Pack)

Doodle link

Team 7 (Team Pink) v

Team 3 (Kelly's Heroes)

Doodle link

Team 4 (Sexy Owls in hats) v

Team 1 (Homicider)

Doodle link

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I demand there be a longer period of time before a deadline. 5 days in advance doesn't work for me.Needs to be at least 7 to 10 days.

Here's my personal schedule for this week:

Tuesday: Cycling & gaming (so can do CoD4)

Wednesday: Band rehearsal (no gaming whatsoever)

Thursday: Out all night. No gaming.

Friday: Cycling and gaming (can do CoD4)

Saturday & Sunday: Band gig in Germany. Cycling on Sunday afternoon. Gaming Sunday night.

I've been training in the past months for my cycling trip in France (not Le Tour) where I'll be attempting to climb the Alp d'Huez and the Mont Ventoux. Hence all that cycling shit above.

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