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Kelly's Heroes [KeHe]

Sir DangerM

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Kelly's Heroes (Team 3)

DangerM / JimmyDC - Tue, Wed, Thu from 8pm. Sun all day. Possibility of other nights.

Blue / Mr Numpty - Any night other than Saturday.

outspaced / outspaced - Most nights.

Pusher / Onze - ?

Uzi / Uzion - ?

So, for other teams' information, the best times for us to play are Tuesday - Thursday nights.

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Team 3

DangerM / JimmyDC

Blue / Mr Numpty

outspaced / outspaced

Boozy the Clown / Boozy the Clown

dinsdale / dinsdale1973

So, what shall we call ourselves then?

Captain's choice I'd say, but don't make us sound too hard in case we get pwned eh? 8)

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