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Shooting Stars

Nick R

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Best news I've had all day. Yes, my day's been shit!

My favourite episode of SS was the Ladies Night one - where they got a male stripper (played by Charlie Higson) as a birthday present for..... Mark LeMarr. And Lynn Perry (RIP) was totally shitfaced.

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It was indeed the ladies night one last night, watching it now though you can see how Vic and Bob were trying to control them all. Perry's drunken antics and Sarah Greene's chinwagging to Ulrika.

Excellent stuff though, they need to release the whole set on DVD or something. George Dawes is excellent as always.

"Robbie Williams you flithy cah, sort you life out and start making changes!"

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Best thing I ever saw Lamarr do:

He was fronting a nightly show during the Edinburgh Festival and had a comedienne on as a guest. She was a big lass and they clearly weren't getting on, just as they were getting ready to close she made a funny remark about him not being a decent comic (or something like that), he replied with "Yeah, and if that line was funny it would have got a laugh". The show ended and she was looking daggers at him.

The next night I tuned in and he had a black eye.

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Mark Lamarr isn't in this from what I've read. Any ideas why? And is that related to why he's no longer on buzzcocks? Never did find out why that happened.

Lamarr wasn't in the final series of Shooting Stars and hasn't been in Buzzcocks for ages. Either way, he was replaced with superior stars (Will Self and Simon Amstell). Didn't know anyone missed him.

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There were two batches.

The first three series were in 1995-97, with Lamarr as team captain. The last two series were in 2002 with Will Self replacing Lamarr, and Johnny Vegas as permanent teammate on Ulrika's team. I also remember that the Dove From Above was replaced by the "Wonderful Wonderful Car", and then by "Donald Cox the sweaty fox". And the set was grey. But I seem to recall liking the 2002 episodes just as much.

This Christmas special has Jack Dee instead of Lamarr/Self. Guests will be Kate Garraway, Dizzee Rascal, Peter Jones and Christine Walkden.

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