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COD4 league - Team Cool & the gang

kerraig UK

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Calling yourself cool is about the least cool thing you could ever do. Also don't expect Kerraig to lead your team to anything other than death, his favourite tactic is to let the enemy take you out so there's less people to take his precious kills. Also he told me that he hates each one of you deeply and hopes you're all mauled to death by rabid bears.

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Please, everyone who hasn't, post your general availability, as accurate as you can get it for every week.

This should then be put into the first post in the thread like so:



This will help with organising games a great deal. Thanks. Matches to start next week.

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OK, we're against the Jagermeisters. Pay attention Kerraig!

We have Home advantage and they'll bitch and moan if we do regular instead of Hardcore, so that's exactly what we should do :)

Regular mode and I'd prefer Sabotage. Any other opinions?

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I definately agree that we do regular mode cos they are all well trained up on hardcore. Sorry ive been vacant this past week its been busy but i'm back now. I can do any evening next week I think.

With sabotage we should make it best of three just ibn case anyone gets a lucky rush. i'll bring smokes with me, someone needs to bring stuns and someone else flashes. Strwap you should bring your noob tube cos you are good with it but we need another person who's handy with the LMG to just light their bas eup when we have the pressure on. Not enough people use that gun to really lay down the covering fire like its supposed to.

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