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Team 5 - Very Special Forces


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Very Special Forces

(Forum / Gamertag)

1. ThePinkNinja / LittlePinkNinja

2. idiwa / idiwa

3. Danny-B- / DannyB 81666

4. Isaac / Joshua Isaac

5. Tom* / sutom



Evenings, Monday and Wednesday not often free


Any evening except Tuesday.


Any evening after 8PM


Available most evenings except occasional Fri/Sat.


Any evening after 9pm.

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I'll speak to Danny later Pink and let you know via here or PM. I recommend we all subby* this thread to keep abreast of developments. Sat I'm cool though I dont finish work till 6, so by the time I chillax, eat etc I'd say 8.30 onwards for me.

*subby, or track topic. Click on options (top right side, same level as the thread title) and select "Track This Topic"

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Hey. I'll make sure I have you all on my Live list by tonight. I'm not great at thinking of names, so I don't mind (Nasty Gash is good though, a little edgy!).

I'm definitely up for some team practice. Might be able to make Saturday but it's my birthday so I may be busy in the evening but possibly around afternoon or later at night, sorry guys :)

I should be able to play most other nights, such as tomorrow or Sunday. However if I can do Sat after all I will give you an update.

Topic Tracked +1

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I actually like Nasty Gash, with the tag [NG], but I'm sure it was a joke suggestion. Perhaps just call ourselves Team NG, and then leave the initials to keep it a bit more kosher? Could always claim the initials stood for something else too, like "Notorious Gamer" or some rubbish.

Yeah, I've tracked this topic, but as I said in the first post, I'm not going to be playing until next friday really, might get back the 17th but it all depends.

Bit annoying though :P

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Please, everyone who hasn't, post your general availability, as accurate as you can get it for every week.

This should then be put into the first post in the thread like so:



This will help with organising games a great deal. Thanks. Matches to start next week.

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Hi, depends on the week for me too but generally I can do most evenings and the weekend, unless I have something specific on. Currently I'm away from 7th-11/12th Feb. Hope that's not too vague...

And if you wanted to practice sometime this week I am up for that, sorry I couldn't make last weekend. :wub:

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Nice one, we can arrange a practice for soon!

Raize, need to know your availability please matey :lol:

I can do most evenings (I'm a student, so no work to worry about ;)) except Monday and Wednesday, because those are when I normally go out.

I think someone should just decide on a name and we'll just take that. I don't want to though, so Danny you decide :D

I'm back at my 360 now by the way guys, been playing CoD 4 online again, but I've yet to see anybody online! Except pinkninja, but he's been playing Mass Effect.

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I'd be fine with Nasty Gash, unless there's a real problem with it :)

Just [NG] would be ok I think. I haven't played a huge amount of CoD4 this week but I should be on later tonight. Sorry I haven't been more pro-active on Live playing games with you guys.

I'll try to do better, I was just stuck in a loop of obsessing over the challenges before and found it so hard to get the Expert ones, especially with spray weapons like the P90. I should use the weapons I want to use and ignore levelling up!

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I should use the weapons I want to use and ignore levelling up!

This is tru fax! I stopped going for challenges about ten days ago. I now just use a sniper loadout with the following perks.


Over kill (Red dot M4 or suppressed M4 depending on map)

Iron Lungs

I'm ranking up way quicker just because I'm getting way more kills as opposed to using some naff rifle with iron sights for a few games in order to get a red dot and 250XP. Overkill; when I read about it sounded shit....totally pointless. But I came to the conclusion that most of the times I'm getting killed is either trying to source a rifle of a dead victim/team mate or getting whacked whilst on a reload. So having a M4 and a M21 from the get go is just the best of both worlds. rah etc :)

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Yeah, I played a sniper kit for a bit and having Overkill was so useful. I too die loads picking up guns off the floor :)

I wasn't very good at sniping though so I went for the M14 to maintain some sniper-like ability. I keep changing my kits around but right now I have:

1) P90+RedDot - M9 - Bandolier - UAV Jammer - Extreme Conditioning (Rushing)

2) G36C+RedDot - USP45 - Bandolier - Double Tap - Deep Impact (Close/Medium)

3) M16A4+RedDot - USP45 - Bandolier - Stopping Power - Deep Impact (Medium/Long)

4) P90+Silencer - USP45+Silencer - Bandolier - UAV Jammer - Dead Silence (Erm...Ninja?)

5) M14+RedDot - USP45+Silencer - Claymorex2 - UAV Jammer - Dead Silence (Sniper-ish)

I rely on the bandolier way too much (:D), but apart from that do you think there's anything I should swap out? Last Stand seems to work well for people but I'd usually rather not be down in the first place.

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I'm on for tonight. I loved Nasty Gash but I agree it doesn't paint the best picture so VSF it is.

I've got fuck all to do tonight unless my friend calls as I've just blown the best part of my student budget on a new TV, so I'll probably be on for a while tonight.

I've also (finally) sorted out the first post in the thread now. Sorry for the hold-up.

If somebody is exceptionally bored and feels like making us a picture / logo for the first post that'd be grand.

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