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Team 8; The Wolf Pack [Wolf)


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What are they doing? I can't log into XBL at all now, tried for half an hour. I was on Forza 2 earlier without much problems (gift car and auction house didn't work though) but when I changed to CoD4 it all went tits up for me.

I've given up now. I'm off to bed. How are we going to solve the match?

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Weightgain is having to leave the league for personal reasons, so I'm getting you a replacement...

If you could organise the game a couple of days in advance, and make sure the other team can play, then you'll have a lot more success. Please make sure you get it played this week so as not to hold the league back further. Weightgain did much of the organising before so one of you will have to take over. I'll let you decide.


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