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Team 8; The Wolf Pack [Wolf)


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No. That's the 2nd time none of the Wolf Pack members showed up. Both Wiener and Baring didn't show themselves online between 9 and 10PM where they said they would.

Sorry guys, but that's not how appointments work. I suggest you forfeit.

what are u on about? i was online at 9:45 like i said i would be and steely was on (our other team player) lets face it its shit organisation. we had more than enough around 9 sorted (without me) and u never got a team...

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We checked regularly in that hour whilst still in Forza 2, and haven't seen you online, or Wiener. Nor did we get a message that you were ready to play. We stayed in FM2 because we didn't spot you online, otherwise I would have definitely left FM2 and created a room for this match. You weren't appearing offline, by any chance?

Xicewolf already suggested a forfeit Sunday a week ago, when it was 5 vs 2.

And I agree, short notice doesn't work here. So, again; what now? I'm getting tired that I have to take the initiative all the time. No-one else sets a date, no-one else suggests anything.

Timmo, what say you?

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The problem here is that you keep saying "tonight?". It's clearly not enough notice.

Everyone is playing GTA this week so I'll give you the rest of the week to play it.

In fairness to baring it is not his responsibilty to arrange a time for this game, that falls down to the Jagermeisters, the home team. Meerman I appreciate your team perhaps isn't being responsive enough, as team leader it's up to you what you do about it. Just fill in this Doodle link and arrange for later this week. Do it 3v3 if needs be.


The lesson here is to give a lot more than a day's notice, and to never just assume people can play. Although I've always said that.

Can Baring please PM the above link to all his team members, and can Meerman do the same. Hopefully everyone will have filled it in by the end of the day, and then you can finalise the time. Doodle is the key to getting this all working, really.

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What's Xicevolf doing? didn't Baring only join the team a week or 2 ago? get your act together xicevolf. This just wont fly in the big leagues man... lol

i know i only joined a few weeks ago lol but i just feel i want to do summit and actually play so im trying! hehe

thursday is best for me meerman ill let the troops know :( lets hope we can actually get a game going

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Baring would smash you a new bum hole at Fifa, so don't take him up on that offer.

:( fifa is alot better than it ever has been :D i love COD tho just dont play as seriously as fifa, thats why i think ill get bummed at this hehe

Im free thursday, Ive been free since I said Id join but Im not a leader, Im a follower! Just need someone to point me in the right direction.

cool so we only need 1 and 2 for the jaegers! we can do this team!

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Pillock he is, already had a little tantrum and left the league going on about how no one loves him or wants to cuddle him after a game. If he can't take 30 secs out of his busy schedule of browsing off topic to check his team thread then kick him out.

not his biggest fan? lol

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