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Veronica Mars

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I just finished watching season 1 of this. Wow wow wow. Didn't put many feet wrong, did it?

I would have preferred it if Veronica had been Duncan's sister, but there you go.

But yeah... loved the characters so much. The father and son relationships were well handled - glimpses of real affection in between the usual awkward/violent moments, and overall, despite the impossible setting and genetically perfect actors, it felt fairly realistic. Despite being an adult Point Horror novel, the shortcomings and rashness of everyone just fit into my model of real life.

I've heard that seasons 2 and 3 are dreadful. Is this so? If it is, and I shouldn't watch them, who was at the door at the end?

And Amanda Seyfried? Good lord.

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Amanda Seyfried does nothing for me at all, as well. It's ALL about Veronica! :P

Season 1 is definitely the best season, but that doesn't mean the other two are horrendous. They're still very watchable. I love the father/daughter relationship that Veronica has, and the season 1 finale is a great example of this.

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RE: The father/daughter relationship - that's why I think

they shouldn't have been biological

. Despite her intelligence, Veroinca let her emotions rule her quite often, and it would have been interesting to see where this revelation would have taken her. Especially so when you consider her age, and how everyone struggles with their identity at that period in their life. It would have made their relationship a lot stronger.

Also, does anybody else find it all a bit depressing? The tone of the show overall and outside of its own reality. I mean. It seems that it's going to age rather quickly, and somehow I find this sad. Confirmation that everything's moving so quickly, perhaps, and that it can be hard to anchor yourself into reality. The other thing I find is that the starting montage - both the song and the two clips at the end, where Veronica is walking down that road and the sketchpad comes up with the title really plunge my soul into some insane depth for just under a second. I'm not sure why, but every time it has this effect on me.

I also find the whole plastic, fake feel of the show and the casual reality of drugs/sex/rape/violence endlessely fascinating. It's all so real without appearing to be. Is this west side LA life presented as it actually is?

Very deep, honest show and I'm so impressed with it. A real shame that the likes of Lost get all the headlines, when this pisses over it completely.

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I actually prefer both seasons 2 and 3. Season 1 for me didn't really kick into top gear until the moment where that girl starts tasering the hell out of the guy that stole her dog. That's pretty late on in the season. Early episodes sometimes feel a bit like a show that was meant to fit into a Grange Hill type slot, except that when they realised it wouldn't then they went back and wrote in some casual swears and more references to drugs, rape and such (I think this fits in with your comments somewhat). Whenever I rewatch it though I find myself completely wrapped up in it's utter genius by the end due to how insanely good the finale is.

The Logan character becomes much more interesting in series 2 and the show really fills it's boots. The writers get their world completely and absolutely revel in it.

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I think I s.2 is my favourite of the 3. I found the main plot more interesting than the Lilly Cane plot in s.1 and the individual episodes are better. There’s not much Duncan which is also helpful. The last episode is especially good.

It kind of loses it at s.3 but it’s worth a watch.

Amanda Seyfried does nothing for me, it’s all about the Bell.

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